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Hi everyone.

Last week Iwent camping in my XM estate. It was stuffed to the roof with all the camping gear. I think this is what caused my problem. On our return when all the gear was removed I noticed a small area of felt that had become detached from the (cardboard?) lining. Within a week the whole roof lining had become detached from its backing.

So I guess the advise is not to stuff your car to the roof as perhaps the adhesive has become brittle on a car of this age and all my camping gear disturbed it to the point whereby it could not support itself.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Any ideas out there, other than sourcing a replacement?


The headlining is not the nightmare to remove as it might seem. Remove the two plastic strips either side of the windscreen and the same at the rear. Remove the two plastic strips on the B-Pillars. Remove the plastic strip along the top of the rear screen. Remove the central interior light and handles above the 4 doors. Remove the sunvisors. The headlining should fall into your hands.

Turn it upside down and use a bit of evostik.

Hey presto - fixed headlining.

I know it looks daunting but its just a bunch of screws and clips. The hardest bit is offering it back up again - difficult with one person - but easy if you get help.

Hope this inspires you to have a go. Lets face it, even if you had a brand new one in your hand the job is just the same to replace it.


noz cool.gif

go practice on one in the scrap yard - you might even get a headlining in good enough condition to use.
Thanks Noz - I'll give it a go. Might even get to fix the sunroof at the same time.I'll let you know how I get on...
Hi Jim,

Whats wrong with the sunroof? Electrical? Drainage? Cables stuck?


noz cool.gif


When I bought the car the sunroof would only open in the vertical plane. It would open horizontal but only a couple of inches, even then only with the assistance of my hand. Gradually it has worsened to the point where it is totally stuck. Guess the cables have rusted as you indicate somewhere on another posting. Looking forward to the post on how to free up the cables when you get round to it.

Keep up\the good work.

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