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Full Version Petrol Pump / Sender Assembly Removal S1

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Michael P
Hi, I removed cables and hoses from top of the assembly under the rear seats. It looks like there is some kind of ring that holds and seals the assy in its place which mounts over the top. I tried to turn it but even with leverage from screwdrivers now success as the edges chip off. Any hints on how to?


Its simply a HUGE nut, and can be quite tight, I guess to house a seal to prevent fuel vapour escaping.. useually a good shove, even a tap with a hammer on the end of a screw driver should release it... sometimes a good hard hit can do it, but thats all that holds it together...

It can be a bit tight and ackward, especially if its never been out since the car was new. I find sometimes two flat stubby screwdrivers in opposing directions can help it shift, or a bit of an impact. It is tricky to do without damaging the tabs though, as you've found.

As Paul said, it is basically a giant nut, it will unscrew, just can be annoyingly difficult to get started, but you are on the right track.

Michael P
Got it out with brute force and hammer supported screwdrivers. Looks a bit dodgy those wires going straight into the tank smile.gif Guess there should be no air in it.

Know what you mean about the wires, I was bricking it about turning on the ignition with the plug lying loose smile.gif

TBH though I believe its very little current that goes in, and no chance of it sparking. Still, makes you think doesn't it! ohmy.gif

Glad you got it sorted smile.gif

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