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Hi there all,

And they say it's a wise man who knows his own father...I thought I had a Series 1 XM, before I got it, but a fellow member tells me what I've got is a Series 1 1/2.
It has the old style switchgear and dash but a two spoke steering wheel that's not the same as the proper Series 2 - see:

The R no. is 5667. Does anyone have more info about these in between XMs? Were they just thrown together from the parts bin before all the new Series 2 production line started? huh.gif

Are there other things that are going to be different - but I guess that applies to pretty much any XM?

Hi Ade

I have had a quick look at some of my brochures. The steering wheel change took place by the 1993 model year along with the change in type of alloy wheels. Rpn puts your car as manufactured in May 92 so at the very start of this change. Puts it well into the Mk 1 era I am afraid. Most of Citroens trials of new equipment were put into typically a run of 1000 french cars the year before general introduction. For example multiplex electrical control was put in a batch of french TD's made during the 1994 model year while it did not become standard in all UK types of XM until about 3 years later.


They allways seem to be changing them! I have had two Mk2 2.1 td estates with identical registration letters, both registered in Jan '96 the first one had partial electronic pump control, the one I have now is completly mechanical and has a different hydraulic pump and drive belts. I have an engine from a 'p' reg that is fully electronic!

The main distinguishing features of the Mk2 are that the chevrons are in the centre of the grill, the instrument binnacle has a curved top and the rear 'XM' badge is in sort of script.

I seem to remember Mk 1.5s having a lot better elec earthing and a few handling gremlins sorted out.

Certainly my 1993 Mk 1.5 felt altogther a lot better than my 1990 Mk 1.


Just realised people might think I like XMs, so far

1993 2.0si
1990 2.0i
1995 2.1 VSX
1994 2.5 VSX
1995 2.5 Excl

Hi Mark

My first XM was a '93 K 2.1 td estate which was only about 3 or 4 years old, the electrics on that nearly drove me up the wall. I had to disconnect part of the front lighting loom and replace it with a seperate wire as the sidelight fuses would intermittently go, that was just one of many problems. I have had 2 Mk2s since then and although I have had some panel lamps and electrical components fail, I have had no earthing problems at all. The Mk2s have several seperate earth connections on the n/s inner wing which seems to have overcome most of the problems.

I have what must be a series 1.75!!!! It has series 1 dash and body but has series II hubcaps (yes they are orginal to the car) and series II XM badge at the back. The trim level "onyx" badge on the wheelarches is written in the same style as the series II XM badge. Its on an "M" plate. I have had another onyx on an M plate and that had the old but beautiful disc shaped wheel trims and other series I trim bits and pieces. I have also had several M plated series II's

Can anyone else tell me whether they have encountered anything like this car??
Hi edridgemotors,

Whats the RP number of your 1.75?


noz cool.gif

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my mom's jaguar XJ12 was a mix of mk1 and 2 parts made it very hard to do anything to the car I hope this isnt the same with your XM sparkybright
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