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Full Version Dot Matrix Displays Are They The Same ?

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Still not got my XM finished yet...Wow how hard is to to find S2 parts....

Now going to work on the BUS and will be until i find an S2 doner car.

I originaly stripped the dash out to change the blown bulbs.40 bulbs later i thought i'd repair the DOT Matrix after following the lastest repair post done by
DoubleChevron (excelent) i find my DM is just the same (spent hours on it)

I'm loathed to fit the old DM back in and build the dash board back up only to strip it again when i find a working DM.

Question is : Would any S2 Dot Matrix do the job or would would it need to be from the same spec car ?

Thanks for now...... wacko.gif

P.S is there anyone in the UK that breaks XM's
This is the Dot Matrix after repair ohmy.gif

user posted image

Buy a S1.5 car instead! They ALL work!!

Ive just broke a S2, and could have sold the display ten times!!

You can in a S2 car get JUST the front panel that houses the switches and info displays on its own so you can put it all back together and then WHEN you get a working display take just the front panel out..

By the way, when a S2 owner finds a working display you'll find they WILL be keeping it for a spare incase their exsisting one pops off...

Good luck on your search, Ill keep an eye out too...

Thanks for the quick reply Paul...What years did the S1.5's run ?

What an awfull design these S2 Computers are.......Thanks anyhow
S1.5's are from about K reg to M reg...

I had a S1.5 and a S2 here both on M reg plates

While we're on the subject,

I am also the unfortunate owner of a knackered dot matrix.

This is the type that I have.

I borrowed this pic and a short statement from Shanes 'Dash Globes And Dot Matrix Dispays' post.

user posted image
"Now I tried to search the XM list to see if there is a repair for these.... Apparantly there is too types, if you have the early type with a rubber connector block, you can repair it, if you have the "glued down" ribbon, it can't be repaired...... guess what I have".

Can anybody confirm that Shane is right, that the rubber connector block sold by the bloke on French Ebay is not compatable with this type (glued down ribbon) of dot matrix? Has anybody actually tried it?

Just for the record......the ribbon on mine has parted company with the printed circuit board, so it looks like the rubber block is my only hope.


PS. Also for the record, don't know if this has been mentioned before but if you insert the second glass screen (that's the one that's still in the dot matrix in Shanes picture) the wrong way round, the dot matrix displays black letters on a yellow/green background instead of yellow/green letters on black.
Hi minijet,

You most certainly can repair the Mk2 left hand dot matrix display with the glued down contacts, using the French guy's £25 rubber strip. I'm surprised that a search hasn't turned up loads of info on this repair, the last post I recall someone (Shane?) had even repaired this type just by running a tool over the contact strip.

DerekW and myself have previously posted on the repair using the rubber strip - suggest you search for posts under these names as a starting point.


As Ken said, do a search and restrict it to the electrical section. Don't forget to click on "30 days and later".

Ken and Derek,

Thanks for the advice, I've done the search thing before, I think I've read all the dot matrix posts several times over.

It was Shanes comment about the rubber strip not being compatible with the glued down ribbon that gave me doubts, and I'm sure I've read elsewhere that the two are not compatible.

Also in one of the earliest posts Noz mentioned he'd seen three different types of dot matrix displays. So I just wanted to make sure I had the right one.

With regard to Shanes miracle cure, that was what finally finished off mine. putting pressure on the contact strip actually loosened it and made it worse.

I'll try the French Ebay solution now.

Thanks again,

Hi Minijet

It would help to have an idea of where you are located to see if I can offer any help.


Hi XMexc,

I'm just up the road from you...........Yorkshire

Ahhhh well then your closer to me then tongue.gif

I love yorkshire... rolleyes.gif

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