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Guys & Gals,

seems Tesco Lakeside now have universal fit flat aero wipers on the shelf at £8 each, plus buy-one get-one-free!! Would expect the bigger stores would have them too, 18 & 22 inch available.

Just bought a pair of each for the princely sum of £16 smile.gif

Ta Dave, must look out for those, my wipers have got a bit shit lately....

Tesco Crawley has them. Ordinary wipers are £3 each, also buy one get one free.

How do they do it?
generally the superstores ask their suppliers if they would do the bogof deals, so its the supplier that takes the loss not sainsbury's or whoever. They used to ask us if we would supply 1 bundle of free kindling with every bag of coal and pack of firelighters sold, not worth it for us though since we where there only fuel supplier at the time and thus no competitors on the forecourt.
Will check tesco's tonight anyway, is that the single rubber strip wipers for £8 then? I think they where like £25 each at halfords when i looked before!
John Malkovich
Had tried them from SAAB dealer @ 40 EUR per pair. Didn't like the way their both ends fluttered on curved windscreen surface and were losing contact. Went back to traditional ones from Valeo.
Has anyone fitted this type? I don't mean just Tesco but the design. I wondered if they are any good
been using these type for >2 years now and they have been fine. Quieter in use and stable at speed. Yes they wobble a little at the extreme ends now, but given the time they've been on the car, that's not bad at all. Car wash hasn't seemed to hurt them either nor seemingly affected the blade alignment.

Only thing is the passenger side one won't curve tight to the glass over the extreme outer edge, which the 'old fashionned' blades do slightly better.

If the blade won't lie flat, you can encourage it by gently bending the thing away from the screen by lifting the outer ends and 'relaxing' the sprung metal strip a little - don't overdo it and kink it, just overcome the resistance etc

I have bought a pair of these but the aerofoil bit seems to be on the wrong side ie. on the roof side. There is a vertical face on the other side which sits in the path of the oncoming air flow.
Anyone else noticed this. I can't see a way of turning them round.
I haven't tried them out yet at speed but I can see them flying off into the bushes.
hmmm, sorry I must get them out of the boot and take a look now the weather seems to have improved a little and compare them with the ones already on the car. Too distracted this evening by a lovely Italian girl and coffee..... so no contest wink.gif

The running set I have the foil is curved - so level with the blade on the leading edge (bonnet side) and high at the trailing edge (roof side), but must admit I didn't look that closely when I bought them, expected them to be similar.

Will go see tomorrow at lunch or before I set off home dopo il lavoro

ok guys, simple solution....

take them back!

only kidding, seriously wink.gif
if you take the wiper blade the mounting point for the arm can be taken off and reversed, by simply pressing it along the blade in one direction, and then sliding it back till it clicks. Then the blade will be facing the correct way smile.gif

Not quite as simple as that.
If you look at the blade there is a raised notch bit thats supposed to engage with the mounting.
Is is designed to be used one way only.
On of my wipers will reverse but the other just falls off.
Back to the shop I think. sad.gif
hi Mike

Just had another look and the block the arm fits to seems secure. Only tried it on one of the 18-inch blades and it worked just fine, doesn't fall off at all. Since they are sold as universal I'd have thought they should be reversible, but I see what you mean about the notch on the plate.

Been useing these blades on my merc van for 3 years now and they are still as good as new, so when i got the new car i bought a pair off of E-Bay fitted them adjusted the wiper arms to stop the squeeking and there'r great work perfectly, the only difference between the merc and these is where they fit on the original wiper arm it's a compromise as the arms are not designed for them

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