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Full Version Series 1 To Series 2 Interior (saloon)

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Hi all,
Has anyone ever fitted a Series 1 interior to Series 2 car ? Are they the same ?
Door cards and center arm rest/pod ?

Dont think anyone has done it.. But I reckon its VERY possible...

Centre consoles would NOT be a problem, they are the same.. its a case of was there a difference in the heaters/air con units and / or the metal work behind the dash.. if these are the same or similar there shouldn't be a problem.. its one of the first things that put me off a S2, the "Xantia" dash... its not individual and I think it makes the interior less airey...

I'm sure all the differences are well documented in older listings, xmexclusive has been
here before I'm sure and IIRC CiarĂ¡n has done a conversion and did a detailed blog too...
I recall the s1 door trims being a different shape where they meet the dash as well as
different seat runners seatbelts and electrics making seat swapping difficult too.

Nothings difficult with the knowledge biggrin.gif tongue.gif wink.gif laugh.gif rolleyes.gif

Hi Bantam

As has been said, all can and has been done. Some of the results look truly appalling. With a little research and care with the selection of bits some very good results can be achieved. As Andmcit mentioned the dash end shape is mirrored by the front door trim. Change one and not the other and you get a noticable missmatch. With front seats it is best to swap the base frames so there are no wiring or seat belt problems. If you want the resulting seats to look right then avoid buying early Mk1 leather seats to fit Mk2's. The Mk1 centre arm rest steel frame needs a bit of butchering to let the airbag/seat belt sensor fit back down. As well as the arm rest motor frame you also need to recover the centre consol and the arm rest box as they both have extra fittings compared to the fixed arm rest version.


Thanks everyone not going to try this....Cheers
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