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Full Version Abs Fault Code 42 - What Does This Mean

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Hi guys,

My 96 XM 16V estate is dsiplaying fault code 42 for the ABS

"ABS hydraulic Block RH Front inlet electrovalve" (solenoid?)

Can anyone advise on exactly what this means?

After replacing all 8 spheres, it also appears to have binding brakes. Could this be related given its an inlet valve which I'm assuming provides pressure to the ABS block?

Anyone encountered binding brakes before?

Many thanks

Sounds like a hydraulic valve fault in the Block, down in front of the gearbox, front of the subframe.. If its sticking shut, it could be holding a small amount of pressure on the caliper.. in stead of releasing it..

Sounds like it has bendix on it being a '96, shout if needs, i have one on the car im breaking, and the ABS is all in good order (Sensors reserved for mytself)

I will be nautrauly be recovering it, changing spheres should have NO effect and it could well be more coicedence thats it has happened..

Good luck


The 1996 model year was also the change over from BENDIX ABS to TEVES ABS. Components are NOT interchangable. There is a self help file explaining how to tell the different systems. ORGA is a good guide 6810 was the start of TEVES ABS on all XM's except V6-24v manual where they made so few that they did not think it worth redesigning the wiring loom.


if its the Bendix system you have then likely the valve block is ok, first suspect would be the black relay board attached to it. They tend to develop poor connections on the board for the pins that the cable blocks plug into - at least the ones I've checked over.

you could try applying pressure to the connectors and then test again to see if that clears it - a wedge/peg between them may do it. I'll see if I can dig out the details of the testing I did on a couple of mine and post it here.

It is possible to dismantle and resolder the unit, but it is a case of cut it apart and then find a way to glue it back together and seal it again after repairing.

terry g
my 2.5 had an abs warning light, it was the center plug on the board, so i wedged half a plastic peg between it and one of the other plugs, its been like that for two years now? just occasionaly i get a warning light, but it usualy goes out after a few speed bumps,
Thanks for the input guys - I've just read the self help file.

Please excuse this pathetic question, but I am just a newbie....

what does ORG A 6810 mean? Is this the RP number thats in the door shut?

My XM isn't at home - its at a garage after getting its spheres changed. When I picked it up I drove it straight back to the garage after half a mile due to a bad LHM leak and binding brakes.

As a result I'm not able to take the wheelarch liner off to check the colour of the connections.

Once I know what ORGA 6810 means, I can hopefully identify what I have.

I was working on the assumption that it was bendix, but after reading that self help guide, I have a feeling it is likely to be Teves.

Mine is a S3 2L 16V estate. Its a 96 on a P. It has the anti sink sphere fitted, which I reckon makes it quite a late XM? Would this suggest Teves ABS?

Are the doseur valves interchangable or did they change with Bendix-Teves as well?

Kind Regards


Its a Teivs setup, they went to Tievs from N reg onwards I beleve..

The Doser valves I think though remain the same..

Hi rd

Yes ORGA and RPN are different ways of describing the build day number painted on the left hand front door pillar. Sorry there are no pictures in the self help yet. Put that down to my computer incompetence.


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