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Full Version Catalyst Replacement Cost - S2 V6 24v

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Hi all

Apologies if this is in the wrong place - moderators please move if necessary.

Been hearing a rattle (like a ball rattling around in a tin can) for a couple of weeks on my 2000W V6 Exclusive. Had hoped it was a loose heat shield or something similarly inexpensive.

Anyway, took it to an exhaust place on my way home from work and after 5 mins of inspection, was told it was the catalyst :-( Been quoted two prices so far at this place although will call my local Indie tomorrow too:

1) £530 + VAT for a genuine Citroen one
2) £203 INC VAT for a pattern part one

Seemingly for both, fitting is extra at £55...

I know the Citroen price would be steep but that was more than I'd expected. Anyone seen/had any lower prices than those recently?


I've got that rattle too. It is especially noticeable during start up. When all is thoroughly warmed up it seems to disappear.
The dealer told me the catalyst still functions OK, so I will live with it until something gives wink.gif
A replacement here is even more expensive than in the UK sad.gif
Try Neil at Vantage, (Citroen Indy's) in Merton (Wimbeldon) as I believe he has a warehouse of ex factory parts including exhausts and cats. 0208 544 9997, he is a ncie guy and very helpfull.

I can't say if he has V6 24V cats, but he said when I spoke to him that he had one for a 2L 16V, which was a shame as I'd just bought one from AEP direct in glasgow (aka citroenspares on ebay) the previous week.

AEP direct (Glasgow) were very helpfull, tel 0141 647 0800. Their postage costs were very reasonable (£6.50 to London) and they added a decent customer discount to the price to compensate for a recent hike in supplier prices. I paid something like £140 + 6.50 in postage for the cat and downpipe section on my 2L 16V. It was a pattern part, but fitted well. Job was very easy with axle stands.

NB after fitting - I noticed a big improvement in power, as I think I had a lot of backpressure when the cat started to break up.

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