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Full Version Drive Shaft Or Wheel Bearing?

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QUOTE (Peter.N. @ Jun 29 2008, 13:22 PM)
Should that be 'fitting'?  biggrin.gif

absolutely, post edited now, need to visit opticians soon I think -)
Just to let you know, I had the wheel bearing replaced last week, problem solved, I can now hear the CD when taking a right hand bend. I actually had a wheel bearing kit which I bought on Ebay over a year ago, paid about £3.50 plus P&P
so I got a garage to fit it.
Hi Jackyboy

Pleased you got it sorted at a reasonable cost and thanks for the feedback as it makes so much difference when a problem thread has the answer as well.


QUOTE (aengus-xmv6 @ Jun 24 2008, 21:45 PM)
starting to wonder on the V6 - when I back off the throttle it kinda kangaroo's gently until the throttle is re-applied. Sometimes get it a little when accelerating up from steady speed running too.

Last time I 'checked' going lock to lock, no rumbles/judders etc, but it tends to clonk clonk clonk when turning full circle under acceleration, but I'd figured was probably the drop links as it clunks over the bumps too

Will have to check the intermediate bearing I think, need to do the inner gaiter on the long shaft & outer on the short one anyhow sometime soon. I've got a bearing somewhere in the parts bin, probably a couple other bits needed too though.



replaced drop links, front discs and pads ahead of the MOT today, quick test run (well, not as quick as usual as brakes poor at the mo) and no more clonks on a tight turn, found no play in the bearings or scraping sounds when turning the wheels smile.gif

Swapped the drivers (pinion end) rack gaiter too as it had a nick in it and boy that was a sod to do in-situ. Thankful that I have small hands and lost some weight!

Now it's just the d/s gaiters inner on the long shaft, outer on the short one, but thinks I'll get the MOT station to do those...

Mmm, interesting. I've noticed over the last week or so if I turn right from a standstill, i.e. Traffic lights or waiting for traffic so I can turn right, I get a very low frequency "noise". Actually its not so much a noise more a "feeling" through the seat of my pants and maybe through the steering wheel as well. It is probably just about audible. Only lasts for a split second in first gear and is then gone. I've only felt it about half a dozen times.

Today with the windows down and sunroof open in the heat I thought I detected the slightest "clink" as I pulled away from a standstill in a quiet road. I've noticed also the top r/h engine mounting bolts don't look too tight dry.gif . Related?
Ah I've had this too, on my first 2.0SEi - when Citroen forgot to tighten the mount bolts up, rattle when applied a little right deflection to the steering, but not left... but a noticeable rattle when moving, not just a clink.

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