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Hi all

Had my XM for about 5 months now and on the drive home from the South East it felt fine and stable. About a month in, I bought two new Michelins for the front and on the first drive out at motorways speeds felt a chronic vibration through the steering wheel (and everywhere else come to think of it). I took it back and got the wheels checked only to discover they hadn't been balanced properly.

So, took it out again on another billiard table smooth dual carriageway to discover the vibration's still there but nowhere near as severe. The wheels were checked again but were said to be balanced.

Today, I took it on a 500 mile round trip to Scotland and found that as I cruised up the A1, generally at 85ish, this vibration was evident on the newer, smoother surfaces and barely noticeable over harsh surfaces. The car doesn't pull to either side and feels straight in all other regards. Plus, the vibration only seems to be felt at about 80mph so strictly speaking of course I shouldn't notice it...

I suspect my spheres need replacing anyway (the front's started to feel a bit harsh and 'crashy'), so will be going to Westroen next month after some good reviews on here but I'm concerned this might simply hide, rather than cure, the vibration. Any ideas?

Secondly steering related, I normally drive with music on at quite a loud volume so miss out on the various hisses, clicks and high pitched whines whilst driving. However, today I turned the radio off for a long period and noticed a high pitched hiss/whine, almost like rubber squeaking, which appeared to come from the steering. It seems to develop when the steering wheel's kept in one position for a few seconds, so going along straight ahead it develops, then stops with some input to the wheel. However, if it's a long bend you're going around it starts up again. I had the window down and you can hear it quite well from the outside too. Again, any ideas?

I'm taking it to my Indy for a check over after the spheres have been replaced. I'm still of the opinion the vibration is the wheels still requiring further balancing (I plan to take it to a different tyre outlet) but don't know if the steering squeak's a feature/quirk of this particular XM.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, even if it's just mulling over possibilities to look for.

Hi Keith

You could make a temporary swap of the wheels front to back and see if the vibration problem goes away. Very few tyre outlets have the correct equipment/experience to balance the Citroen "Monte Carlo" Alloys that are without centre holes. This at least should tell you if the problem is the wheels or the suspension.


Hi Kieth

Regarding the noise you mentioned that the steering makes, does it sound a little bit like a squealing belt? and does it disappear when you raise the car? if so it is almost certainly the flow distribution valve which is located on the front of the gearbox. try putting a screwdriver on it and use it as a stethoscope to confirm this, if it makes the noise at idle that is. mine has started doing it lately and I'm not sure why but i will be swapping it this week so i will let you know how it goes.
As regards the steering vibration i would say follow xmexc advise and swap the wheels, if this makes no difference then it could be the harsh ride on the front end causing the problems and or worn steering joints.

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