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For about the last four months of driving my 1990 V6 I have periodically had an 'ABS Out of Use' message and symbol on the display, which is now becoming more persistant.

The problem has baffled various local Citroen specialists and I am sadly running out of ideas. It seems to be an electrical issue, as the light generally goes off when I switch on the heated rear screen, foglights etc. I have checked out and eliminated all the obvious things, like the wheel sensors, ECU and earths.

The only electrical component that I am unsure about is a coupling fitted to the hydraulic unit, of which I attach an illustration. I wonder if anyone knows what the device is and whether it might possibly be responsible? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated, failing that I may have to get an autoelectrican on the case!!


Matthew T.
I may be talking rubbish, but isn't there a relay somewhere that can cause such issues?

Have you tried reading the ABS fault codes to see what it says? I would expect it to report some fault code if it has had the light on.

With mine it is always the driver side sensors. But yours sounds different if other electrical items affect it. It sounds more like a dodgy earth somewhere.
Thank you for your message Rowanmoor and I think it might be a relay that I have illustrated. I wonder if anyone has a spare that I can try? One of the Citroen Specialists that I approached had equipment to diagose the fault in theory, but it did not give a definitive answer. As I mentioned I have indeed checked the earths and they all seem okay. With regards, Matthew T.
The one fault that foxed me for so long was a poor earth on the single relay just in front of the battery box. On my car this was dangling free which meant that it moved about as I was driving, giving the intermittent result.
This relay, like all those in the area in front of the engine had corroded terminals enough to give a bad earth. Removed, cleaned and terminals and socket were "Vaselined" and never had a fault message since.
This also applies to fan relays and dipped headlamp relays on the underside of the cross-mounting for the radiators.

ALSO theres a brown connection BEHIND the passenger headlight in front of the battery tray... amongst other connections, the easyest thing to do is disconnect each plug and spray some contact cleaner.

My Black Onyx throws up the Out of use message, but when i disconnect the brown plug and clean them up and reconnect it goes away...

Im sure its the only brown one, but try them all, it wont hurt..

Good luck

Thank you for that Paul, I have found a brown wire in the location you suggested, although cleaning the contacts does not seem to have solved the problem. I note from the Haynes wiring diagram that the sensor wires are brown and green, so may be that is the link? Anyway I am not beaten yet and shall keep trying. Regards, Matthew T.
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