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I tried K seal on the heater matrix and while it worked for while, the leaks have started again so I've got a new one (£38 approx from GSF).

I'm going to change it with the steering column out of the way - the way that Noz recommends. One thing I'm not clear about: does this involve complete removal of the top of half steering column from the car? Or does it sort of hang there?



You can leave the loom connected to the column and simply swing the lot vertically
complete with the steering wheel pointing to the roof - all you have to watch is the
switch backs don't split apart dumping the springs and small ball contacts everywhere!

As far as the column shrouds go, the lower half will need removal to access the outermost
pair of the four nuts that hold the column PLUS the lower cover with the hand brake
mechanism attached will need dropping down and can rest on the right side of the footwell
without full removal of the panel necessary (this would help mind but is not strictly

Watch the position of the rubber washers on the column mount as they just appear
without you getting much of a chance to see how they're actually connected!!

It all sounds more complicated and drawn out than the job actually is. Just watch
you've got a good purchase on the screw that holds the matrix on the lug of the air
box and you don't round the head! Then the half hour job becomes a 2 hour one...

Great - I shall go to work with this in mind. Something for the weekend!

If you want to be a bit braver, you can do it without removing the colum at all..

All it will do is damage or bend some of the out fins of the matrix, and not much else.. Ive done it twice now and prehaps been lucky..

Good luck!

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