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Anyone out there used any good mechanics / specialists who are good value for money and know XM's.

I want to have the suspension on mine given the once over, I think the ride height at the front is too high and the spheres at the back seem to give quite a bumpy ride.

I live in Northampton but will be willing to travel within reason.

I have considered a trip to Westroen spheres in Manchester, but do they check over the complete suspension or just fit spheres.

Any info gratefully received.

Cheers Geoff
Westroen always used to fit and check height adjusters too so it doessn't take a great leap to suggest giving your suspension a full check-up. Sounds like you'll need some spheres too, so that's a good starting point.

Give Doug a call - they're very good. I'd trust them. They know their Citroens.
I Too second that they changed all 8 of my spheres and removed the Lhm tank and cleaned the filters then refilled the system with new Lhm, It felt like a new car.

Bald Jim
I have just bought an XM from a guy in Derby,CX Auto,19 Wellington Street,Derby,DE5 3EH,seems to know his stuff.
Hello Geoff ,I live in Northampton also, i am near the county cricket ground and i own a 2.1 td hatch in white , where have you been hiding all this time .This means there are two nutters in this end of the world.I was beginning to think i was a social outcast .I get my m.o.t.s done at Tony Brooks on st Peters way they do seem to know what they are doing regards X M s but they are not particularily cheap .Best regards Bob
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