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Full Version S2 Glovebox Removal?

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Silly really, but I just can't see what's holding this in still as it's all been
undone and feels loose everywhere apart from the catch/handle though
I can't get any further forward!

Am I missing something like those little blanks hiding the two screws
on the LCD display dash surround. Bear in mind I've taken apart loads
of s1's and this is the first scrapped s2 I've done (and hopefully the
last - I can't get on with s2's). The front bumper literally just pulled
straight off with a firm tug! blink.gif

I've never seen such a rusty/totally rotten Xm before this one - slim
chances of saving much off it!!!

The sunroof manually works with the Allan key bolt though no dice
with the motor.

Hi Andrew

There is a hidden screw under the glove box lock. The D shaped plastic surround around the lock springs out and then you can get to that last screw. You also need to spring out the glove box internal light and unplug it if you have not already done so.


That's great - many thanks, I'll give it a go tomorrow!!

All the best, Andrew
Lez and Ray Fenwick were discussing the fun of this job on XM-L recently.
Hope you get it sorted Andrew. Unfortunately I've never had the pleasure of S2 dash removal, so can't offer any advice sadly.

One thing though, its rare to get a rusty XM, is this car from somewhere close to the sea or something? What year / spec / miles has it?
Would be interested in seeing pics etc of the worst bits if you have time....

Hi Andrew,
If you are scrapping a S2, would you have the clip-on panel for the top of O/S/F wing for sale ?
Regards JIM
I'll try and get some pics of it Ciarán. As it has a towbar, I believe it must have spent
every weekend reversed into the sea whilst boating down in Exeter where it used to live.

The towbar is so rotten it noticeably flexed when I towed the car onto my trailer
backwards to move it a few 100yards to it's final resting place...

Yes Jim, I have a top wing cover, but it's metallic maroon not blue - a particularly bad
colour clash. I'll see if I can find a metallic blue one I may have - what colour blue do
you need?

Hi Andrew,
Found the colour code EPG, which I think is Midnight Blue. Would be great if you have one for the O/S. Mail me with cost/postage if you can help at :-
Hope you got the glove box out. When I tried I came upon the same problem. Gave up on that day & attacked from underneath. Had central locking/alarm troubles & flashing headlights. Found the relay under the glove box. Would the glove box securing catch mechanism be for sale. I have one broken lug on mine & glove box pops open, if & when ! ! !
Regards JIM.
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