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Hi newbie to XM's and I'm finding the parking brake very arkward at the moment. Is there a nack, or do you just get use to it.

I'm use to the usual handbrake so this departure is a little off putting, and i'm worried that it will catch me out when i'm on a hill with the caravan hitched up!!

Hi Geoff

it's a case of getting used to it - learning the biting point on the clutch and holding it there when you let the brake off. A few extra revs on steep hills will help to avoid stalling if you find that a problem. Probably why the auto XM was eventually the standard supply with manual as an option post around 92 (and the 'exec car should be auto' argument).


A tip also to PREVENT premature wear of the ratchet... and a stronger bite..

Firstly in the released mode, ensure the release lever is up, apply the brake THEN push the release lever down, this will then prevent constant use of the ratchet..

Many may already know ... apply the brake and if you are on flat ground, appy the foot brake while the engine is running, and the park brake will bite a bit more...

It operates the auto adjuster ...


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