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Full Version Little Rubber Pipe Left Over ?

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Hi all,A few weeks ago i removed the Radiator and intercooler from my 2.1TD- S2 XM.
I have replaced the Water Radiator with a new one and cleaned the Intercooler.

The 2 rads are fine now but i have a 12mm pipe connected to the R.H.S of the intercooler sits under the main pipe.I have no where to put it ?

When i got the car pipes where hanging off all over,they're all back on now but with its lenght i can't find where it came from ? It wasn't one i removed.

It has at some time had a jubilee type clip round it to keep it in place..

Hi Bantam, it goes to the underside of the small unit next to the throttle position sensor attached to the battery box. It's the manifold pressure sensor for the ecu and will run like a non turbo 1.9bx if you don't remember to re-connect it - guess how I know wink.gif

Regards, Colin.P
Thanks Colin i may have a Turbo now then as it was never connected..Need a small Jubilee now..........Cheers wink.gif
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