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Full Version Soggy Carpet, Losing Water

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Before I get wedged in the footwell, can I just confirm that soggy carpets, loss of coolant and the fine smell of antifreeze wafting through the car is a sign of a knackered heater matrix?

Has anyone fixed one of these with K Seal - what I mean is, is this a sensible first step?

I have successfully sealed the matrix for about 1000 miles before having time to replace it. I used Barrs Leaks, following the instructions on the can to the letter.
Thanks. Sounds good to me. Did you replace the matrix yourself after that? There's good advice on it and it seems do-able

Worth a check of the pipes that connect to the matrix and see if the leak is there, and the pipes use O-ring seals and they harden and leak after a while, cheap and easy repair, so long as you can get the O-rings...

Any trace of watermarks? You can feel if it's the rings as the metal pipes will be wet where they join the plastic at the matrix connections in footwell, by the parking brake pedal.

My first 2.0SEI had that problem while the ex had it for a few months, Cit couldn't find the leak... ! ended up needing a head rebuild as it warped and started to seep oil down the front of the block sad.gif

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