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Full Version Door Card Pop Fastners (that Don't...)

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That, is, the Black things that click into white female bits on the inner door panel. Mine refuse to fasten, despite having got new male bits at a silly price from Halfrauds. 2.5.

The previous owner had a disabled wife, and the door card was removed to help her sit more comfortably. I suspect that the white bits have simply become worn out, as the dealer I bought the car from five years ago had spent some time trying to get the card to sit back in place properly, and probably taken some inner diameter off them. They are probably only designed for “one shot” anyway, I guess.

Does anyone have any tips on these? On my 405, I recall drilling a hole and sticking a long self-tapper in at one point!

I’ve tried PTFE tape, insulation tape, etc. Can the white bits be bought new separately?

It’s been one of those “one step forward, three back” jobs:- I finally worked out how the forwardmost steel retaining pressing engages with the door skin and handle bolt (after over five years of owning the car…)

But the rest of the skin now flaps about around the edges….

Hi rg

The plastic sockets can be bought from Citroen, in a pack of 10 no doubt. I have a rear door off a car ready to cut up. I expect that I could try to recover you a set if you can wait a week or so. Might still be quicker than Citroen now Stealers and the Coventry storage facility are not supposed to hold XM parts so every thing has to come from France


Hi rg

I didn't know you were already on here. Looks like you have some help from XMexc.

You probably got the wrong parts from half. . . whatever.
I think the part you want is the Hog Ring, 8 of them for a panel, 8326 N (RP 696645).
The female part is the Fixing Clip 6995 N7.

Although relatively few XM cars have been sold in Japan, Citroen Japan seems to have all possible parts in stock. After 2 minor collisions I had 2 new doors fitted with new cards as well and the dealer even had a box full of these clips and plugs smile.gif
The body repair cost the insurance company almost as much as I paid for the car, but this is off topic, sorry dry.gif
Both parts will be pennies from Citroen - at least they were when I got some a couple of years ago. In packs of 10, and in stock. They may well be shared with other more recent models, but may not.
Hi All

Just a note to say that I think the description "Hog Ring" is French for "no idea what the English description for this item is" There are may thousands of "Hog Rings" in the XM parts listing all with different numbers. Even if the part is used in other Citroens the number will not be common nor will the price from Citroen as XM spares are subject to a no longer supported premium.


Thanks, all!

I'll give my local Cit place a try first, as I need some other bits.

Theres harldy any if any left on both the front doors of my Prestige, what with all the mirror changes and the OSF window repair a few years back. The cards seem to go back OK without the clips IMHO.
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