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Just got a 2.1TD exclusive.. (Yeah I know I hate deisels and would never own one.. but from now on I can comment on personal expeiance of a reasonably good one).

The cruise was not working, I ahve now bridged pins 9 and 10 on the ECU and it all works, whcih confuses me as as far as I can tell I have diabled the brake switch, however it does drop out of cruise when the brake is pushed.. So what needs to be done to be able to remove the brigde between 9 and 10?

Hi Stewart

Pin 10 gets a 12v supply via the dash switch. This feed also energises the cruise control relay fitted to an automatic box.
Pin 9 gets a 12v supply via the brake switch then either via the clutch switch or the cruise control relay on an automatic.
Both of these 12v feeds come from fuse F2 in the main fuse box so your problem is not fuse related.
I suggest you take off the 9/10 link and press in the dash cruise switch which should lock on then check for 12v on pin 9 and on pin 10.
If the 12v is missing on pin 10 the most likely cause is a defective dash switch.
If the 12v is missing from pin 9 clutch or auto box switches are suspect.


My V6 has had pins 9 and 10 connected by a bit of bent fuse wire for a couple of years now, it was an easy fix and is still doing the job with no adverse effects.

Yes the brake switch is not making a contact any longer when the brake pedal is not being used.

The easy fix is to remove the cruise relay and replace it with a small feed of wire with spade conectors either end from the switching live feed to the relay across to the feed to the cuise ecu. If I remember correctly the live switch feed for the cruise relay which comes from the gearbox relay and is the connector nearest the radiator on the relay socket and the feed to the cruise ecu is the one lowest down on the relay socket.

The cruise relay is fed a live feed via the gearbox relay which switches the relay from off to on according to where the gearbox is set. When on it allows the live feed sent through the brake switch to reach the cruise ecu. Making it permanent seems to have no effect on the function of the ecu as you have found out since when you brake the cruise sees this signal and cancels the cuise. Obviously however designed the system thought they should know if the brake switch was available but what they have set up really doesn't do that.

I got my brake switch replaced under warranty when it failed again in less than a year. Next time I intend to rewire to just use the brake signal.l
QUOTE (DerekW @ May 8 2008, 16:20 PM)
My V6 has had pins 9 and 10 connected by a bit of bent fuse wire for a couple of years now, it was an easy fix and is still doing the job with no adverse effects.


Ditto. smile.gif

Gearbox relay...£'s......

Bit of

No brainer.
Such a simple switch would last for ages, you'd think.

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