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Full Version Waterjetting The Ventilation Air Intake

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John Malkovich
A newbie at the car wash was waterjetting the car and sprayed heavily the front air intakes below the wipers. As I got out of the service and turned to the left, the right front passenger compartment began flooding with water. The water poured from underneath. The ventilator works. Apart from the wet carpet, is there more potential damage inside and what path did the water come inside?

P.S. The air coming inside is fresh now.
Hi John

The cabin air vent is fitted in the base of the scuttle, passenger side with a 20mm high rubber sealing ring to keep incomming rain out of the cabin. There is a fall to a drain hole over towards the wing mirror. If this drain hole is blocked some 5ltrs of water will build up in this area and dump its self into cabin on the first bend or incline. In doing so it will run all over the heater fan motor and its control electronics. Blocking of the drain hole with leaves is a common XM problem so it will be worth removing the scuttle and checking the drain holes on both sides are clear. If you can it could also be worth putting a fan heater on low heat in the passenger foot well to air dry the heater fan electrics.


Hi John,

In addition to XMExc's advice I'd also remove the fan assembly and at least pour off the majority of the water. The electronics sits in a little trough which will now be full of water and it will take a while to dry out just by moving air across it. There are only three self tappers which hold the whole of the fan assembly in place so it literally is a two minute job to get it out.


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