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Well this is what my car looks like today ohmy.gif
user posted image
None of the bulbs worked so i thought i'd replace them.Does anyone have any experience of doing there bulbs as i need some advice on getting to the ones at the right hand side of the clocks.

Are there any long lasting bulbs out there...The guy who had the car before me said he drove at night with a torch on the console smile.gif

How many bulbs will i need to buy for a full dash and controls renewal ?
Thanks for now
It depends what you mean by 'full dash renewal' There are around 30 bulbs in all but only about 6 that illuminate the instruments. The best thing to do is take out each lamp in turn and note the colour of the glass, burnt out ones will usually be blackened or at least much darker than the good ones which will look clear, you may also be able to see the filament is broken. Unless any of your warning lights dont work, only the illumination bulbs need changing.

You can check each bulb with a meter or by applying 12 volts, but its usually quite obvious which ones have gone One or two panel lights will be found under the plastic cover behind the gauges.

Make sure that all the lamps are fitted correctly and twisted right home, its a lot to take out again!

They should last about 100k, so unless you are doing a very high mileage, I doubt you will have to change them again.

hate to say it Peter, but I'd opt for the "replace the lot" option, as I'd rather not have to revisit such a fiddly job again if possible. Bulbs that are still working may carry on for a while, but you just never know how long for.

That said, new ones can fail early too, but for a few pennies at somewhere other than halfrauds, hardly worth saving a handful of bulbs really...

I agree with Dave. When I had my dash out I changed every bulb including the warning lamps. They were about 60p each from the Cit agent and I cleared their stock.

Not sure which ones you mean Bantam, "the ones at the right hand side of the clocks".
In my own experience I have never had a warning light fail - but there's always a first time! I have had the dash on my sons car out so many times now, trying to cure his intermittent speedo, I can do it in about 10 minuets.

Do you really have to take the S2 dash to bits like shown in the pictures to get the instrument cluster out? ohmy.gif

Both of mine could do with a change actually, but the main problem I've always ran across is where to buy the bulbs from? Local motor factors don't seem to do them.....

think the local pug/cit agent would do them - in packs of 10 I think- not pricey either, esp compared to halfrauds. Or try Maplin

Maplin drew a blank last time I asked, will try the stealer though.

Ta Dave smile.gif

I have had a indicator warning light go just a few weeks ago. I replaced several bulbs when I got the car and wish I had now done them all to save me taking the dash out again.
I get replacements from the scrapyard or via ebay. I found that some bulbs couldn't be removed from the holders, trying to remove them caused them to shatter. Testing with a multimeter worked OK for me.

Some photo's here might help -

Most of mine came from a scrap panel. To get the bulbs out without breaking them, slide a length of sleeving or plastic pipe over them, if its a good fit, it will grip the bulb when you pull on it.
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