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Full Version Erratic Speedo

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Ken newbold
Been trying to post this under Electrical but each time I click new topic, I just get a white screen. huh.gif

Anyway, my bro-in-laws S2, 2.1TD Auto is developing a dodgy speedo. He says is suddenly goes all the way round to 100and something for a short time, then goes back to normal. wacko.gif

It's getting more and more so.

Any idea's?
Possibly a dodgy speed sensor in the gearbox end.

S2 cars changed to a sensor like the Xantias did after M reg.

I cant see it being much else, I would have thought the speed sensor would be the same as the Xantia unit too...

Of course, I'm a S1.5 man, so I'm not certain, just putting a possibility from Xantia experiance..


John Malkovich
I think it is rather the cabling to the instrument panel losing contact. There is a self-help file on this.
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