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Full Version 2.0l S2 Turbo Exhaust Gasket

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Michael P

just bought new car with note that exhaust gasket is on it's way out. Don't quite believe it as actually it seems the exhaust is resonating/banging against something. Especially when cold or under heavy load or at certian speeds. Anyway, the gasket problem may co-exist. So far I have not been gassed...

Anybody knows how much effort it is to change the gasket? Is it a head off job or can it be done somehow differently? The piping on a turbo is not quite helping!

Sorry to also possibly throw in some bad news, it could also be a Cracked manifold, which is common on Petrol Turbos and Non turbo 2.oi

Manifolds will come off in situ after exhaust removal, theres more space over the top of the head and behind the petrols then the DERVs, the DERVs I think are a taller engine..

Good luck I hope it is defenatly the gasket for you.


Michael P
Do you think one could perhaps weld it? Does the turbo come off easily from the whole exhaust system? I am a bit afraid of the oil pipes. I don't know much about this engine yet so I have to study when the manual arrives. The problem is I have no lift and these under-car jobs are normally difficult to assess and fix on a DIY basis.

Thanks for now,

I've had a couple of cars with blowing in the turbo / manifold area - I've presumed the worst and though exhaust manifold gasket but both were the doughnut ring seal thing on the downpipe.

It's very hard to tell where the blowing is coming from as the turbo pipes get in the way of a feeling hand.

I'd certainly get a downpipe fitting kit that contains new bolts and springs and a ring seal - you'll probably need it anyway, even if the manifold gasket has also gone.

good luck.
to lift or not to lift
XM failed test, MOT man said: exhaust manifold is cracked.
After reading this informative site, the questions are: is it really the manifold or maybe the doughnut ring seal on the downpipe as wirdy says. How can I find out before starting the job or is it just starting and find out what is really wrong?
However, I ordered an exhaust manifold already to make a start. A Citroen technician told me I had to lift the engine to replace the manifold. But I understand from citroenxm there is no need to do that.
Is there anyone out who actually did replace the manifold without taking the engine out?
Thanks for your reply, L.

P.S.: XM is a 2.0 Si (petrol turbo injection)
If you place a Jack under the sump, remove the top engine mount, AND also remove the cam cover, you gain quite a bit more space for removal that way too...

You'll get manifold and turbo off the engine, but you wont get it out with out taking them away first... you may need to be a bit rough, but it will come out that way, with a bit of turning and swivelling...

Saves the engine out...

Thanks a lot for your quick reply Paul and the proper information. I will let you know how I get on next week. Have a good weekend, I will do some XM jobs anyway.
As promised Paul, here are the results. Exhaust Manifold appeared to be fine, only the gaskets were in pieces. Operation went well and XM passed MOT.
However I have got a spare turbo exhaust manifold now, because I ordered one in advance to be able to finish the job quickly. Anyone interested in buying one, please contact me.

If I were you, and currently am, with running a 2.oi turbo, I WOULD be inclined to keep the spare turbo during your ownership of the Turbo! Due to the said cracking manifolds bing common. I INTEND keeping my spare turbo, and may VERY well sell it on with the car when I decide to let go. Im really a DERV man by heart, but have been spoilt with V6's on LPG...
I eventually want to sell the Black Turbo to fund a 6 cyl injection LPG kit for my S1 24v

So moral. Keep the spare turbo.. you may sell it then need it the following week..

Glad you got her MOT'd! Nice one Hope you enjoy...

Thanks for the good advice Paul. I had been thinking about it, but will surely keep it now. Still regret bringing my Onyx to the scrapyard, but keeping in the yard creates a problem too.

In spite of reading the forum for a while now, I still don't have a clue what DERV means. First I thought it was related to Diesel, now I think it could be Derivative, but which XM is a derative from which type? rolleyes.gif
I always thought DERV was the acronym for Diesel Engined Road Vehicle!?

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