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Full Version Do I Have To Go To Citroen ?

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Well collected a load of bits for my XM from GSF on Wednesday took then all back today to swap the lot....Nothing fitted ?

The chap behind the desk said "The Xm was a car a bit cobbled together and was hard to match parts"

Anyhow i need some more bits for the car........Where else is there to shop ?

I need, in a rush a bottom radiator hose(end rotted away) for my Series 2 1996 2.1 Hatch and i also need a radiator to match smile.gif

Thanks for now Paul (Bradford)

Hi Bantam,
unless someone here can help out, radiators are on Ebay regularly ( about £60?) Bottom hose.. not sure about pattern parts being available so might have to be Citroen unless someone has a serviceable one on here.
What was the problem at GSF? mad.gif Are the rads/hoses like Peugeots, some are hose clips and later ones with bayonet fittings? huh.gif

Here's hoping tomorrow brings better news for you.

Hi Paul

I know your problem, I ordered three radiators before I got one to fit. Although your car was registered in '96 it was probably made in '95 and has the earlier type radiator. It has the older type of radiator that has jubilee clips holding the pipes on, the newer one has some sort of bayonet arrangement and its completely different.

The ones on ebay are the later type so dont get one. A radiator reconditioning firm would probably be favourite or you can get them from the firm that advertises the later ones but they are much dearer. Its a pity that you are not closer, I have a perfectly good secondhand one in my garage.

It took ages to get the right radiator when I needed a new one in the S1 car shortly after I got it at 5 years old. Actually I havn't been back to that place since. That was in 1998, so I'm beating the odds on radiator longleviy obviously, but its got mostly water in it at the moment since water pump leak saga late '06.

Getting the right parts is one of ther "joys" of owning an XM, and one of the reasons I tend to leave it to my indies, who started warning me that parts could be difficult to find back in 2001 but still keep managing to keep it running.
You will have to buy one for spares, I did that and ended up refurbishing it! rolleyes.gif
Hi All

Early in the Mk2 production Citroen issued a recall/mod for the bottom rad hose clamp. Not sure if this was just 2.5's but a new type of clamp had to be fitted as the original type let go in service.


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