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Well, had some fun with the S1 this afternoon. The coolants been looking a bit dirty, so I thought I'd stick a flush in and get it all cleaned out, I wanted to increase the antifreeze mix anyway, so no problems.

A nice easy job you think. I placed a basin under the rad, went to undo the drain plug, to find it wouldn't budge. After a bit of persuasion, it finally started to move.
'Great' I thought, until it moved a bit too much, and the screw part of the cap snapped right off in my hand. Luckily, it hadn't actually opened the plug itself, otherwise I'd have been car-less. I ended up having to drain it by pulling off the bottom rad hose (what fun that is too).
Is there any particular reason these plugs are made of utter cack? Am I alone in having a very tight one, or do they tend to be stiff on a lot of them? I've never had any issue opening the one on the S2 and both Xantias.

Which brings me to another issue. Those stupid, 'press and slide' hose clips. Don't know their proper name, but they don't have a screw like a proper jubilee clip, instead relying on a very flimsy method of pressing the end down while pulling it as tightly as possible. Great, when the clip is in your hand, quite another matter when its wrapped around abig radiator hose where it needs to be as tight as possible?
Why, oh WHY do they use these damn things? Is it a cost saving issue? They're the most useless, unreliable, hard to fit clamps I've ever seen. One hose had a slight leak despite me tightening the clip as best I could. I'd have replaced it with a proper jubilee clip, but 'frauds was closed of course....

I'm with you on the spring clips. Try, for your own fun, one day to remove the engine end clip on the lower hose on a 12v V6! I ended up doing something strange with vice grips and another pair of vice grips!

A few months later I learnt possibly a reason why they use the spring clips. You cannot over tighten them like you can a jubilee clip and then crush the plastic hose end on the top of the radiator wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif

Mind you I still prefer jubilees.
I always replace mine with jubilee clips. I didn't know they had a radiator drain plug, I have always just pulled a hose off.
The rad drain plugs are fragile plastic and always tight - but I think a lot of people break them by not realising they only turn 90 degress before requiring pulling out (using pliers gently).

If you need a new sealing ring for the drain plug there is a plastic box full of various 'O' rings, rubber washers and fibre seals in poundland at present. There are about 5 of the size needed for the drain plug.

I don't go near the hoses if I can help it. unsure.gif

I have today bought a box of 20 jubilee clips, so that problem won't be happening again. Like Peter, I normally always replace the crap ones with jubilees too, however yesterday I couldn't find one that fitted. Even went over to my parent's to raid the Xantias, to find they're those stupid spring clips you need to close with pliars, and too thin for the XM hose.
In desperation I refitted the original slide clip (to the top hose instead of bottom, didn't fancy making things harder by having to lean down into the bowels of the engine to tighten the impossible thing). I'm not sure if its holding, but yesterday when I thought it was tight, coolant started pissing out of it once the engine warmed up a bit, despite me having it what I thought was ultra tight.

Still, it will be replaced with a proper one shortly, and that box of them should ensure any other offenders found in future will go the same way.

With regards to the rad plug, Wirdy that's exactly what I did mad.gif wacko.gif, turned it rather than pulling after 90 degrees. Surprising how easily the plastic just crumbles in your hand, interesting to think its holding all that pressure inside the rad...


That's a very useful piece of information concerning the drain plug. I only hope I can remember it when the time comes!

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