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Full Version Cosmetic Changes, Mk1 To Mk2

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Looking out of the window at my Mark 2 parked outside, I got to thinking about the cosmetic differences from the Mark 1. I can only think of four and to my mind the score is 3 - 1 in favour of the Mark 1, as follows:

Rear spoiler, the new unobtrusive one I think looks better than the old sticky-up one which seemed to be an affectation with no useful purpose other than to obscure the view through the back window.

Front grill and chevron badge. I always thought the old style with the chevrons on one side on the nose panel gave the XM a distinctive frontal appearance, the new one makes it look just like another Xantia and somehow diminishes the car.

Alloy wheels. I have the 10 spoke Monaco wheels, they look fussy and are 'orrible to clean. The old SEi wheels were much easier and had an elegant simplicity.

The XM script on the rear panel. I preferred the plain san serif script to the later stylised version (once again, fussy).

Makes a change from the usual technical stuff, doesn't it? They are only minor niggles and overall the XM is still close to perfection for me - although I could do without the seven foot of unseen front end when parking.

Cheers, DerekW.
Another retrograde step was replacing the the instrument shroud with a curved one, you can't stand a cup of tea on it! and if you think the visibilty from the front is bad, try reversing an estate.

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