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Full Version Does No-one Want A Free Book?

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Book in question is a slightly tatty copy of Peter Russeks Citroen XM "Pocket Mechanic" XM Manual. Unlike the Haynes version, this one covers the V6 twelve and twenty four valve models.

Yes it's free; I'll not even charge for the postage. All I would suggest (and it's only a suggestion) is that the lucky new owner sends a squid or two to the Club XM Forum. That's it. Having drifted to the Dark Side after my strokes two years ago I became a Fiat Multipla owner, and was suiatably rewarded with further stroke symptoms and an eplileptic fit. Dammit; does anyone know how big an electric vehicle one can drive without a licence?......................Jim.
Hi Jim,

So sorry to hear of your health problems.

I have a copy of the book in question and it cost me mucho dinero, I'm sure someone will take you up on your kind offer.

Hello There, Sorry to hear about your probs, If no one else has beaten me to it I'd be happy to give your Russek a new home.
I'm in France but can supply you with a uk address for postageif that suits.
Cheers for now , Carl G
Done deal!

The book will be on its way to you Carl as soon as I have your address. My email address is

Thanks for the good wishes people; with any luck I'll be back on the road in the not too distant future. For those who don't know me, I used to drive a V6 XM Auto Estate. It was their 'Exclusive' model; leather everywhere and lots of buttons. Most worked........... Used for what it was designed for (long distance high speed touring) it was superb.
I'm sorry to hear of your health issues Jim. Hope you get the thumbs-up to get back behind the wheel soon smile.gif
Hello Jim
Thankyou , I've sent a PM.
Cheers Carl
Hi Jim

So sorry to hear of you further health problems. I hope very much that things improve so that you can get driving again.

Best regards

Hi Jim,

Sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope things are on the up and you're back on the road again before long smile.gif

Get well soon smile.gif

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