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Hi All

Just started using the oldest of my 2.5 estates. It rubs the centre of the underside of the car when driving into the driveway at home but not when reversing out. Never had this problem with any of the other XM's except on the way out with non anti-sink cars that I did not let rise up before moving.
This M reg 2.5 estate is high mileage (199k with the mileometer stopped) but has the softest suspension that I have ever experienced on an XM. In fact so soft and fluid that I suspect that it has comfort spheres fitted. The only other difference is that it has small tyres 205/60's instead of the standard 205/65's. I guess the first step is to put a set of standard wheels on and see if it still scrapes. Anyone else experienced ride height differences from fitting comfort spheres?


My saloon has comforts on. No difference in ride height before or after fitment.

Sure it's the floorpan that's touching? and not the exhaust dropped a rubber or something easy like that?
I can't really suggest anything other that the obvious but my white Xm's exhaust used to rattle on the ground when I put the car in low. I put it down to a pattern exhaust.

Hi Steve & Wirdy

Thanks for the replies. Had a quick look under and the exhaust does look to be the lowest point so I will get it up in the air to look properly as soon as I can. Very useful to know that comfort spheres make no difference to ride height. Interestingly today it did not rub either time but I came in with it well loaded. The times it rubs the back is empty.


FWIW I have found low tyre pressure can mean scraping a bit on some speed bumps etc, probably it is those nonstandard tyres, is the pressure OK.
Dr Tim

Point taken. Have never checked the tyre pressure since I bought it nearly a year ago. I normally go on the shape of the tyre wall which looks odd if it is low.


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