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I just thought I'd cheer you up by letting you know that i've just recently joined the ranks of a very exclusive club. The membership criteria is that you need to have an indoor swimming pool in your XM. When the engine is warm the optional sauna is a bonus.

However, the mist on the inside of the glass does not improve the driving visibility and on occasions (like going around a right hand bend) the windscreen goes instantly opaque much to the amazement of passers by.

Removal of the offending matrix:

Disconnect battery
Remove lower shroud from base of steering column
Remove carpeted side from centre console
Drain radiator via bottom hose connection
Undo central screw on bracket which holds supply and return pipes onto the matrix
Push the two thin galvanised tubes back and away from the matrix connections
Remove the two fixing screws holding the matrix in place
Using a hacksaw blade chop the top right hand bit of the plastic matrix header off
Undo the 4 no. 13mm nuts holding the steering column in place
Tilt the steering column by pushing the steering wheel towards the windscreen
The steering column will clear the path for the matrix to be slid out sideways

Replace or repair the matrix and refitting is the reverse of removal (as it says in all the good repair manuals)

Use a wet and dry hoover to empty the swimming pool and pray for some fine sunny weather to dry out the carpets. Beware, during this process they will smell badly !

Hope this helps others who are invited to become members of this very exclusive club.

An unusual side effect of this was that the bottom part of the heater box fills with water. Going round a right hand bend makes the water slosh across to the fan end. The fan faces upwards with the windings and speed control module facing downwards immersed in water. The water bridges the transistor legs and makes them conduct so the fan comes on at varying speeds with the control knob turned to the off position. Took out the fan and control and dried it out. All is OK now.


noz cool.gif
Thanks for that 'no time wasted' summary Noz. I hope I won't need it. It's just that it reminded me of going round the M25 last year in a thunder storm that caused a two hour traffic jam, the temperature was 30C + and my radiator fan was not working, so I had to sit with the heater on full and the windows open!
Of course the only regret was not having a beach towel with me ! rolleyes.gif
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