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can anyone please tell me whether

a towbar off an xm estate will fit a five door


Hi Charlie

Fit perhaps but at best the tow hook will stick out about 350mm from the bumper. The bar will most likely will foul the car bumper and rear end depending on its design. Both types of tow bar use the same mounting points which are the same on both body types. I think I have a spare set of good conditition metalwork for a car tow bar somewhere in the unit.


There must be something to it - Towquipe list two different versions between estate and hatch:

It could simply be the 'throw' of the swan neck/ball hitch from the bumper but I wouldn't risk
using the wrong bar - imagine the fallout godforbid there's ever any issues when towing with
it and it was pointed out...

its just i saw this on e bay

and since i will need a tow bar in the summer to carry the family bikes

i wondered whether it would fit

and xmexc if youve got a spare one mate.......

yes please cool.gif
That's really cheap for a new tow bar, and I don't know how they can deliver it for 8 quid, great all you need is to find a cheap estate to go with it biggrin.gif

A worry about that ebay towbar is that it's nothing like the one I've just fitted (courtesy xmexclusive). Still, for the price it might be worth a punt and I agree with you minijet - it's a VERY heavy item.

QUOTE (DerekW @ Mar 16 2008, 18:05 PM)
A worry about that ebay towbar is that it's nothing like the one I've just fitted

I wouldn't worry about that Derek, it's just a stock photo, not the actual one.
Hi Charlie,
I Have a Tow Bar for a Estate which i am having removed shortly it's yours for the price of diesel
thanks for the offer norman

but by all accounts it wont fit my 5 door properly


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