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I'm hoping this isn't a great problem.

It's now cold in New Zealand - so I've been starting the car in low temperatures in the morning. The last few cold mornings white cloudy smoke [smoke, not steam] (with a nasty smell, but then I guess all exhaust smoke smells) blew from the exhaust. It hasn't happened before. It doesn't smoke at any other time during driving.

Is my engine gonna blow?
Hi Ross,

It would seem your options are limited especially just on startup. One of the following must be present in the cylinder or exhaust manifold when it has stopped for a while:

leaky injector, contaminated petrol

leaky valve stem seals

leaky cylinder head gasket

I think you'd need to monitor it for a while and look for more symptoms. If it doesn't do it again, assume the old dear just had an off day.


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