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Full Version Parking Brake Problem

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I have just changed the front pads on my S2 TCT. After winding back the piston the handbrake does not work, I assume there is a way to reset the hanbrake mechanism as the cable is very slack now. How is this done? or will it become clear when I look behind the boot on the back of the caliper?

unfortunately that usually means you've disconnected the cable from the bit under the central tunnel, that balances the effort from the single pedal operated cable onto the 2 cables to the wheels.

You may be able to reach from under the car and re-fit without any dismantling - I have been able to the one time it happenned to me. It's up behind the heat sheild if I recall... probably easier if you release the caliper end again first to give some slack (you'll know which one it is as it'll be loose).

Hi Stewart.

Are you absolutely certain the inboard end of the cables are correctly attached onto the
main draw mechanism on the front bulkhead as these can get popped off if you push the
inner cable too far when disconnecting the caliper end to swing the main piston housing

There is the adjustment nut that permits some slack to be taken out of the cable but don't
overdo it and you mustn't start pulling on the arm on the top of the piston housing/

Having checked all that, it's good practice to pump the normal brake pedal to settle and
adjust the mechanism on the piston/caliper where it takes up it's self adjustment. In fact
you may not have actually done anything wrong or have any direct problem but just need
the mechanism to adjust correctly!! biggrin.gif

Err the lever on the caliper has moved back, and the caliper ends of the cables are slack!

if the caliper end is very slack then it's time to get under it and re-attach to the balancer bar which is around the gearshift area if I recall.

probably easier to do if you release the cable from the caliper to give you some play, reattach unter the car and then carefully relocate on the caliper arms.

As the others have mentioned, the cables disconnecting from the equaliser after being pulled out for a pad change, is fairly common.

Fortunately its actually not too bad a job to reattach, just get the front as high up in the air as you can on ramps / stands etc, as it can be a bit fiddly when you're lying under there with your face right up against the mechanism you're trying to adjust. Pack plenty of grease around it while you're down there.

A loose loop of wire or cable tie around the inner cables at the pivot bar end will keep the cable ends together so they dont jump out of the slots in pivot bar but are free to slide. You can then do whatever you want at the caliper end and the cable will never come adrift at the other end. smile.gif

I had the same problem about six months ago but don't know just why it happened! I raised the car front as high as possible and then had to remove the complete compensator assembly as I could not get the cable back into place, it was the top cable, Driver side I think.
After taking the whole assemly off it was easy and I put a loop of wire in to hold the cable ends in the slots, sorry I'm so late answering this but up to the eyes in another project in the house! sad.gif
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