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Hi all

For the second time since Ive owned the car the alloy manifold that the coolant pipes connect to at the back of the block has started leaking.
I got home today and parked the car up with no problems and the poor old girl had been stationary and locked for just a few minutes when from the garage i suddenly heard psssssst and turned to see steam bellowing from around the bonnet and the underside of the car, i wont repeat the words i muttered to myself as i marched over to take a look biggrin.gif . Upon opening the bonnet i could see there was a jet of water spouting from the back of the block onto the exhaust down pipe on the pulley side of the engine and instantly knew what the culprit was.
Now last time this happened i had it done at a local garage (being an idiot) and he waffled on about there being no gasket in this alloy to iron mating surface so after grumbling about there being no space in the engine bay and general slagging off my awkward to work on car he used silicone to affect a repair and charged me a truly stupid sum of money for his efforts.
The question is, does anyone know if there should be a gasket? i would have thought two dissimilar metals should have a gasket between them instead of rtv sealant???
The other problem of course is i have to get a move on and get the BX done now so i can get my car in the 'work in progress' space in front of the garage rolleyes.gif
I love Citroen's me laugh.gif laugh.gif

Hi Dean

Ordinary silicon sealer works very well as a gasket if you let it set before reassembly. I used it on my camshft carrier, which is very difficult to get at and if you assemble it wet you manage to wipe most of it off! mad.gif

I applied a bead around the edge the night before and it stayed intact when I fitted it.

Hi Peter.N

I have decided not to do anything with the car at the moment, if the weather gets a bit better later in the week i may jack the car just to confirm it is leaking from where it seems to be. I agree about the aplication of the silicone, i just prefer a proper gasket. it is more than likely the repair was not done properly and as you said the silicone was wiped from the joint on reasembly, but i cant help thinking there is something else causing this repeated failure, a pited or scratched mating face maybe??? shal find out soon enough anyway unsure.gif

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