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First of all,hello to everyone.I'm from Croatia,29 y.o. and a long time Citroen fan.I currently own 4 C's:BX 11,BX 14 RE,BX 15RE,and have recently bought XM 3.0 V6.
Anyway,to start with the story:The car was working fine at the previous owner,however,during transport,battery (which was a bit higher than it should be) connected to the bonnet and shorted out,spilling the acid :-( I have cleaned up the mess,fixed the wires which were burned, won't accept key-code.I unlock the car,the red LED blinks,turn the ignition key (not starting the car),then type the code,but there is no response,audio or visual.Only thing that happens are short beeps with the flashing of green led when I press D key on the keypad :-( Also,there is no power coming to the plugs while the car is being started.So,am I doing something wrong,or has the car been permantly disabled (do I heve any options then?) or is it something simple?
Also another problem is the ABS fuse,it keeps burning out as soon as I turn the ignition key.

Please note I have absolutely no experience with XM's,however have quite good backgound in electronics and a lot of time on my hands :-)


Hi and welcome to the club.

It would seem that the arcing caused by the battery coming into contact with the bonnet has caused some damage to your electrical system. I am not very familiar with the petrol systems as I only run 2.1 diesels, the one I have at present having no engine management system as it has a mechanical pump. It does have ABS though. Unless you are able to fault find in the relevant computers, I would suggest you try to obtain replacements to substitute. The ABS computer sounds as though a power transistor or two have gone short circuit, but as for the engine ECU I wouldn't know. There are quite a lot of XMs being broken over here so if you have difficulty finding spares, put a bulliten on this site or have a look on ebay

Thx for your quick response.I managed to get hold of two broken XM's for ridiculously small amount of money,however neither of them has code keyboard,which appears to have gone fishing - main IC,NEC D7508G appears fried :-(

Guess I'll have to try rewiring the system completely removing the immobiliser system completely - damn,I feel like I'm breaking into my own car :-)

Will let you know if I had any success.
They don't all have keypads, mine hasn't, its a Jan 96, the other Jan 96 one I had did! The problem may not necessaraly be the keypad, it could be the ECU, so if you have access to one, try swapping it.

David Hallworth
I have heard that the code for the ignition is coded into the ECU. Apparently you have to get it to a Citroen Dealer with the V5 (To prove you own the car) and they'll reset the code for you. Its the only way unless you can find someone whose breaking one and knows the code on that cars ECU.

It sounds like a blown fuse to me, probably the one for the ecu. The keypad has its own fuse, thats why it would appear to be working. If that doesn't work lift the keypad out and check the connections underneath. The plug is prone to becoming partly disconnected from the keypad.

Can you add the model, year and RP number of your car to your signature? Click on the button 'My Controls' at the top right hand corner of the screen. Click on 'Edit Signature' near the bottom left of the screen. Once we know which model and RP number we can look at the specific wiring diagram and hopefully help you out.


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