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Full Version Help Wanted Obtaining Part Number From Citroen

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TD 2.1 Xm WITH ANTI SINK rear sphere. Standard steering and hydractive

I need to know the part number for the short 9" pipe from the back of the
rear centre sphere to the 3 way union?

Anyone fancy looking on Citroen Service for me please!?

Hi Andrew,

I had a quick look using my own 2.1TD VIN number.

Are you sure you have anti sink? What is your VIN number?

On anti sink hydractive 2 versions there are four hydraulic connections to the rear centre hydractive block / sphere. One to each suspension cylinder and two to the anti sink valve (not a three way union).

Non anti sink hydractive 2 models also have four connections to the rear centre hydractive block, one to each suspension cylinder, one to the rear height corrector and one to a three way union. This last pipe is shown as part number 527066 and is 3.5mm diameter x 328 mm (13") long and costs £8.11 inc VAT.

I don't claim this to be an exhaustive look and there may be other possibilities, but a search using your VIN number would narrow things down.

Hi Ken, thanks for having a look for me - it's much appreciated.

I cannot use the Citroen Service software to view their attached pictures as that requires
a software plugin that doesn't work on Apple Macs - I can see all the actual parts listing
and prices etc but that's no use without a picture showing which each part is!

I had a similar conversation with the local parts guy who wouldn't even look at the
various option screen until I gave him a chassis number or reg number.

If it helps it's:

Details for VRM: W977OCN
Engine Size: 2088
Colour: SILVER
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Gears: 4 SPEED

It looks like a call to Pleiades or another try with the Parts guy otherwise next week now!

Believe I've nailed it with many thanks to RichardW on FCF

QUOTE ("RichardW")

user posted image

Item 8 I think?

Part No 5270 C6 Price 9.31 Inc Vat.  Oddly this is listed as 541mm (20")??

Same part no for Mk1 / Mk 2 cars, and with / without hydractive.
Hi Andrew,

I appear to have misunderstood your original request. The pipe I now believe you are looking for is the one screwed directly into the anti sink sphere sitting above the rear subframe on the nearside and nothing to do with the centre hydractive sphere.

Looking again at the Citroen parts site it appears that P/N 5270C6 is the correct pipe linking the anti-sink sphere to the three way union BUT ONLY for the Xantia Mk 1 and 2 models. A search under XM and XM2 using this part number does not show any results. This pipe (541mm long) may be interchangeable but I think unlikely.

The attached picture below which accompanies the parts list 'SUPPLY PIPING FRONT SUSPENSION - UNVARIABLE POWER STEERING AND PRESS PUMP 6+2 + NON-SINKING AND HYDRACTIVE SUSPENSION' shows the relevant piping for an XM2, however the pipe from the three way union (22) and the anti sink sphere is not shown, so this is not much help.

I agree with you that probably your best bet is a chat with Pleiades (who must have been asked for this part many times as it is so easy to wreck it when changing a rusted up anti sink sphere - luckily mine came undone without damage when I changed the anti sink sphere).

Hope this helps.

Pleaides may make one up for you. If not, if you are intending to keep your XM for the foreseeable future it might be worth investing in one of their flaring tools. They will supply pipe and fittings as needed.

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