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I came back from Edinburgh yesterday with that horrible metal to metal grinding when I applied the brakes.
A quick roadside inspection confirmed the worst. The outer pad had delaminated from its backplate. This is the second time this has happened. I bought the car just over a year ago and the service history and inspection showed that new pads had been fitted within a year of purchase. Though the car had been sitting unused for a few months before I bought it.

About six months ago I replaced the front pads after the friction material had separated from its mounting plate. I thought that its period laid up may have had an effect. Then yesterday, the same thing happened again.

I've replaced the discs and pads and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

What could cause this separation to take place?

It must be the adhesive that has degraded. Very unusual to have one occurrence, let alone two.

Same wheel? could it be a sticking caliper that's cooked the pads?
There had been a slight drag on the brakes as though something was sticking. I put it down to the valve below the scuttle panel. I noticed it after stoping to a complete stop, then taking of again. When I unscrewed the caliper bolt, it was sliding freely within the caliper.

Worth having another look.

Wirdy, where are you in Fife? I'm near Kirkcaldy. I seldom see other XMs here. Though there is a series 2 estate I sometimes see in KDY, oh and I once saw another white estate just like mine there too.

Have you greased the brake valve pivots? seems the first caliper to stick is always OSF - was that the problem brake?

So far then there are three forum members in Fife - me at Leuchars, another in Dairsie and yourself. I like it that way......less competition at the breakers yards! tongue.gif
According to some magazines this seems to becoming more common.

OSF brake that was sticking. So its off with the scuttle today and out with the lube.

I've yet to find an XM in a scrapyard in Kirkcaldy. Hopefully mine wont be the first!

Update, with the scuttle off, the valve as actuator is free to pivot by hand, so I think the lower caliper pin must be the next on the list. I read a post which said to remove the cable clip which can impede the in/out action of the caliper.

While under the scuttle I noticed that the windscreen washers have an elecrical connection. What is it for? Just how much was spent on the R&D of these cars?

The electrical connection on the washers is to heat them.

It must have an element like a kettle if it hopes to stop the water freezing from the pump to the jet!

I had an old Saab 900 which wrapped the washer hoses around the radiator hoses to heat the washer water. Top idea

QUOTE (mcmoonter @ Mar 2 2008, 12:53 PM)
I had an old Saab 900 which wrapped the washer hoses around the radiator hoses to heat the washer water. Top idea.

Years ago I saw a 'kit' to do this - it consisted of a quantity of tubing and a couple of jubilee clips for the princely sum of about £20!!

So I made my own with some washer tubing from the local factors and installed in my Cortina. It did work and gave super heated screenwash, although the methanol fumes that then came through the heater vents was 100% proof blink.gif and caused blurry vision for a few seconds tongue.gif
New discs and pads at the weekend. I took off the clip which holds the pad wear wire off. Brakes feel fantastic now. No binding, car feels as though its gained about half as much power!

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