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Hi Folks

Has anyone tried these new fangled wipers on their XM?

The Bosch wipers I have on the car are crap to be frank. They judder and bounce, leave bits un swept etc, was hoping that these types of wiper would cure that problem.


Hi Robert, been using them for a year or so now, readily available in french supermarkets. They are a big improvement,quiet and effective. I have a 55cm on the drivers side an a 51cm on the passenger side.
Can you please explain why the sizes are different...Thanks
Hi Bantam, the only reason for reducing the left hand side by a couple of cm's is due the curverture of the screen at the bottom corner. Thiis prevents the the blade clipping the trim strip during the sweep.
likewise, fitted them a couple years back and working very nicely still smile.gif
I've got these type on another of my cars and I initially thought they were rubbish, however I left them on and they've got better over the past 6 months as they've moulded to the screen.

They weren't a top brand though, just a copy. Bosch or Valeo should be ok from the packet.
I've got them on my estate and after some good advice from Dave about adjusting the angle of the wiper arm they work very well. Fitted one on the tailgate recently, didn't really need to, just looks cool.gif tongue.gif
I found the Valeo Silencio wipers to be far better than other conventional makes I tried, if anyone wants to compare with the flat ones. I would feel a bit concerned at possibility of grit embedding in the flat wipers and scoring the screen. Any experience of this being a risk?

the flat ones are no more likely to collect grit etc than an ordinary wiper IMHO.

Not had any problems with them, apart from initially getting them bedded to the glass so they swept clear over the entire length of the blade. 2 years on and still working fine smile.gif

The wipers on my S1 are doing that judder and screech, its really beginning to annoy smile.gif

They're not that old either, about 8 months or so.
A Mondeo I had a while back had the best wipers I've ever seen. They weren't even any spectacular brand, some no-name refill things, but they were the smoothest, quietest wipers I've ever had. They were practically 100% silent, and wiped the screen crystal clear even when slightly grubby.

Anyone got any piotures of the flat bladed ones on their XM?

There was a picture somewhere on this forum recently with a XM and a fighter jet, and it appeared to have the new style wipers on it if I recall correctly.
Hi Ciaran,

check this thread:

Whe juddering isn't just the blade, but the alignment of the arm and also blade to the glass surface. Car washes tend to gradually bend the wiper arms since they stress them quite a bit when the flailing brush goes by, as I guess normal use would too.

Well Folks

I bought myself a set of these new wipers this morning.

They're el cheapo ones, and seem to be ok so far, no juddering, screetching etc, nice and quiet, and only one weee bit of the screen is missed, namely the far side where the tax disc sits due to the curvature of the glass.

As for how they look on the car...
user posted image

user posted image

The view from inside.
user posted image
The clips are enormous! Do they distract you when driving? Or is the improved cleaning worth it?
let us know how they go, I note there's not much in the way of a spoiler on them compared to mine, so wonder how they'd be at high speeds...
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