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The clips are pretty big, but they look proportionally bigger and more noticeable since there is no cradle/frame there to try and hold the rubber down.

They were a fiver each, so that might have something to do with their lack of refinement in this area.

I also noticed the lack of spoiler on them when I compared them to the wipers on my fathers C5.

I haven't had much of a chance to use them but I will keep everyone posted with my progress. If they work well I might get a set of the more expensive Bosch ones later.
Please do - I'm really very, very fussy about wipers so I'm curious to know how these go for you!
Yep, I would be interested too. My wipers are crap! smile.gif
The thing with windshield wipers is, you need to replace them routinely every 12 months. Fact is that the famous Bosch or Valeo products for the XM aren't that good. I have years of eperience and frustration with those. I am currently using Delco graphite coated wipers that are excellent. Very quiet and very effective. The blades have 4 braces instead of two on the Bosch and Valeo, so they follow the curvature of the windshield more closely.
I'm not sure I'd like these so-called new-style-wipers to spoil the looks of my XM dry.gif
Our Xm needs new wipers so ill be interested to hear how you get on with them.

Ive tired these on another car and found that they do mis a bit of the screen and do lift off when at high speed.

Have you tried bending your passenger one round a little to meet the screen better. I think they are designed so you bend them to fit your screen.

Although you need to be careful as it you bend them too far it will miss the screen further along the wiper.

Those are mine. They are now 2 years and 2 months old. The Bosch model, was obliged to buy them in Greece in December 2005 for eu38 the pair, as I could not find who supplied those or the Valeo equivalent in the UK, and the cheap ones didn't exist back then! Well, in reality I found the Valeos for £18/piece huh.gif and thought it was a bit dear for something I had never tried!

Anyway those are the C5-specified ones (also Alfa 156 if I remember well), different size each -passenger smaller than the XM's, but as u can see it fits great and adheres well on the glass curvature-. Very happy with them and not showing any signs of wear!

I stopped using any kind of detergent with those as they wipe so clean that they made the glass screeeeeetch -they need just water for a perfect, screechless cleaning-. Antifreeze is not a problem. The clips in those ones pass unnoticed.

Last, but not least, I believe that, aesthetically speaking, these are the wipers...the XM was made for! Shows what an advanced design it was -and all the rest of these Bertone wedgy-shape things!-. biggrin.gif

user posted image

Jings those wipers are dear Jorgy9

I didn't fancy shelling out that kind of money for something that may not have cured my problems.

I had a good chance to use mine over the past two days, Wintery showers yesterday, and all the crap that comes off lorrys etc and rain today. So far I am pleased with the result, none of the problems I had with my previous wipers. The small corner of the screen that it can't sweep doesn't annoy me in the least as my wipers are virtually silent. The big mounting block hasn't annoyed me yet, although it does look rather unsightly after seeing the picture of Jorgy9's car.

As for high speed use, I can't comment as yet. I can't afford to drive fast (over 60)! Fuel is too expensive!!! At speeds up to and including 60 the wipers have been grand so far, no lift that I have noticed even though mine have no spoiler.

If you can find the el cheapo ones for about a fiver a piece they are worth trying out before committing to the more expensive ones.
I imagine the mounting points for the arms are made like that so they're at the same height as the original wiper blades, something to do with the spring pressure perhaps?
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