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Hi All

I have won a fair bit of XM documentation from ebay and am begining to sort through it. I thought it might be worth listing brief summary details in one place. As I come across items I will add to this first listing in the hope that it will eventually form a nice little index.

Citroen XM new model - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 1 dated 29 September 1989.
XM Diesel 12 valve - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 3 dated 31 May 1990.
XM right hand drive - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 4 dated 30 March 1990.
V6 auto box - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 8 dated 31 July 1990.
1991 Model year - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 9 dated 28 February 1991
Turbo D auto box - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 11 dated 29 November 1991.
XM modifications - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 12 dated 30 September 1991.
Auto D fuel consumption - News Flash XM 0 No. 13 dated 11 June 1992.
XM Estate new vehicle - Technical bulletin XM 0 No 14 dated 28 February 1992
XM Evolutions - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No. 15 dated 29 January 1993.
New Instrument panel - Technical Bulletin XM 0 No.16 dated 18 December 1992.

V6 SFZ engine checks - Technical bulletin XM 1 No. 1 dated 29 September 1989.
2ltr RA6 engine checks - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No. 2 dated 29 September 1989.
Fitting Extra cooling fan - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No. 3 dated 31 October 1989.
2ltr RA2 engine checks - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No. 7 dated 30 March 1990.
2ltr RFZ engine checks - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No. 9 dated 30 April 1990.
TD 12v engine checks - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No. 11 dated 30 April 1990.
Injection engine hesitation - News Flash XM 1 No.12 dated 18 December 1989.
V6 24v Cam follower mods - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No.44 dated 29 May 1992.
V6 Engine modifications - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No. 45 dated 29 May 1992.
TD 12v P8B new engine - Technical Bulletin XM 1 No. 49 dated 29 January 1993
2.5TD Smokes, noisey & sluggish - Info-rapid XM 1 No.63 dated 26 Sept 1994.
2.5TD Engine destruction after service - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 73 dated 19 May 1995.
2.5TD Head Gasket problems - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 74 dated 12 December 1995.
2.5TD Bottom Rad Hose clip - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 76 dated 1 November 1995.
2.5TD Cooling fans random operation - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 77 dated 11 Jan 1996.
Failure to start after maintenance - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 81 dated 20 February 1997.
2.5TD Noisy accessory drive belt - Info-rapid XM 1 - No 82 dated 11 April 1997.
2.5TD Power loss and fuel heavy - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 84 dated 6 March 1998.
2.5TD Timing gear noise - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 85 dated 6 March 1998.

Clutch Judder News Flash XM 4 No.1 dated 20 August 1992.

BE3 gear linkage stiff - News Flash XM 5 No. 9 dated 16 September 1991.
Replacement autobox failures - Info-rapid XM 5 No.19 dated 9 April 1997.

Hyd 2 Suspension rapid dropping - Info-rapid XM 6 No 8 dated 3 July 1997.

Slow rise faulty electrovalve - Info-rapid XM 9 No13 dated 30 September 1996.

PAS bushes - Technical Bulletin XM10. No.2 dated 18 December 1992.
FD & steering valve overhaul - Technical Bulletin XM 10 No.3 dated 24 Feb 1993.
V6 XFZ steering - Info-rapid XM10 No. 6 dated 22 February 1999.

ABS braking system - Technical Bulletin XM11 No. 1 dated 29 September 1989.
Fitting ABS sensors - News flash XM11 No. 4 dated 29 November 1989.
Bleeding the Brakes - News Flash XM11 No. 5 dated 21 February 1990.
ABS sensors - News Flash XM11 No. 6 dated 21 March 1990.
Parking Brake pedal mods - Technical Bulletin XM11 No.7 dated 31 July 1990.
ABS sensors (rear) Loctite - News Flash XM 11 No. 8 dated 5 October 1990.
Front Brakes - Technical Bulletin XM 11 No. 10 dated 28 June 1991.
ABS rotors and ECU's - Technical Bulletin XM 11 No. 11 dated 28 June 1991.
Asbestos Free Brake Pads - News Flash XM 11 No. 12 dated 6 March 1992.
ABS sensors - Info-rapid XM 11 No.13 dated 30 March 1994.
Front Brake Knocking Noise - Info-rapid XM11 No. 14 dated 14 September 1998.

Plip/interior light problems - Info-rapid XM 12 No.25 dated 5 May 1999.\

2.5 Dashboard vibration at idle - Info-rapid XM 14 No. 24 dated 5 May 1999.

Evolution Pre delivery Inspection - E No. XM - 1 dated 31 October 1995.
Evolution Pre delivery Inspection - E No. XM - 2 dated 31 October 1995.

Power assisted steering - News Flash XM M No. 21 dated 2 October 1991.
24v Engine lubrication - News Flash XM M No. 19 dated 8 August 1991.

At the moment I am looking to complete my listing to know what I have missing. Then I will be willing to swap photo copies of some of mine with anyone who has missing copies for me.

If later on anyone else can add to the list then post the details below and when I see it I will update the list.

Regards XMexc
You didn't waste much time geting those on John smile.gif Sound very useful though - for those of you with 2.5's

Peter that is just looking through the file and noting some that caught my interest.
There's some interesting titles in there, '2.5TD Engine destruction after service'!

Will you be making those files available on a CD to recoup your costs? If so I'd be interested.


Hi Steve

The only game plan at the moment is to collate the list and make up one good set of documents for myself and then see what is left over to dispose off. I am only part way through the first file of bulletins and there is at least another (duplicate) one to go through.
On the 2.5 engine destruction it appears that some dealers used an oil filter wrench that could punch a small disc of metal out of the top of the old filter. This then dropped into the oilway and was locked in place by screwing on the new filter. The engine was then running for a while without oil circulation with inevitable results.
Another one that may interest you is a mod because the air/vac pipe to the little sensor on the centre top of the bulkhead behind the engine can cause power loss as the vac pipe is prone to cracking where it joins the underside of the sensor. The fix was a longer bracket to take the stress off the pipe. None of my 2.5's have ever had this mod.
There is also one that indicates that after replacing an auto box without correctly flushing and cleaning/replacing other components it can lead to debris from the first auto box failure wiping out the new one as well.


Hi John,

Thanks for the info.

If you should create a disc of these please put me down for one.

I may be interested in a disc of these too.

Especially '2.5TD Cooling fans random operation - Info-rapid XM 1 No. 77 dated 11 Jan 1996' as I seem to have them randomly coming on when they shouldn't or doing a stop/start dance after turning the engine off. I think it may be related to the random flickering of the temp lights that is unrelated to engine temp that I get sometimes.

I just haven't got round to looking at the relays and connections to even start narrowing it down. If there is an article that says 'it will be this' then that could save a bit of time and inspire me to fix it more quickly.
terry g
i will be definitely interested in a file/cd on all the 2.5 stuff £££ or whatever, smile.gif
Hi Rowanmoor,

Erratic cooling fan behaviour and flickering display sounds familiar. This thread may be of use:

Hi xmexclusive,

Me too, to buy a copy of your bulletin info if you decide to make it available (although I appreciate it probably involves a lot of work!)

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