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Heading along the A27 today and the moment I hit cruising speed there was a ptoing and suddenly the car seemed to have grown a wing aerial in my peripheral vision.

In fact the rubber trim that protects the A-pillar had come away at the top. When I pulled in at the next parking bay, it looked like this (sorry for crappy phone pic):

user posted image

I pressed it firmly back into place and did the rest of the day's driving. When I got home it was still in place, but loose. Is the trim meant to be glued down? It seems damn flimsy when just clipped into place - there's only a clip at the top.

Has this happened to anyone else?
first ex had this happen when she was driving my first XM too, strip even flew off, but surprisingly she actually went back and got it.

Not had it since but probably not uncommon - maybe secure it with some Silicone sealant/RTV or similar?

Yep. Never got the damned thing to stay back on properly no matter what I tried. mad.gif
In fact, it became such a constant source of irritation I decided to live without it fitted.

It may be that it was not firmly entered when the screen was replaced.
I even used a rubber mallet to get it finally settled. Otherwise, stick it in place as suggested.
Replacements still seem to be available - at a price! Saloon and Estate are different, but yours seems to be a saloon so the part number is 96 084 764 and you may need the finisher for that side which is 96 084 766.
Thanks for the tips, I will buy some silicone sealant I think.

The screen isn't in very good condition for a low-mileage car so I doubt that's been done.

Techmanagain, I approve of any fix that involves use of the kinetic force applicator laugh.gif
Hi Stu

I seem to recall that on the pillar up the side of the window there should be a full length of thin plastic U section with serrations that clips over the metal projections. The trim then clips over this. Once the trim has been removed then the rigid plastic U section often breaks up. Even if you are gluing back a few short lengths of the U section will help align things until the glue goes off.
As Techman says replacement trim is expensive. When they did the windscreen on one of my estates they were muttering that the trim cost a lot more than the glass and also took a lot longer to get delivered. I paid my £60 insurance excess happy that I got a good deal particularly as I learnt how to cut glass out of a car.



When insurance replaced my estate screen I later learned that it cost £350. That included two sets of trims as the w/s company made a mess of the first set. Each side and half way across the top is one piece on the estate and the top is glued with screen glop as well as seating in a channel using a rubber mallett. The trick is to use a minimal amount, they didn't the first time and the trim would not seat properly. The glue went off and the trim could not be removed without damaging it.

I think you can get the "gripper" strip separately which should not cost too much. The sides easily pressed in by hand, it was the tops that caused all the grief.

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