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Hi Folks

Has any one ever changed the speedo cable on their Series 1 Xm before?

My speedo needle flickers and it annoys me. So I bought a new cable (both parts).

From what I see it goes from the back of the speedo itself, behind the dash, and through into the bulkhead where it then joins onto the other piece that connects to the gear box.

Any advice comments will be Welcome and I'll create a "how to" once I start. Plus tips on removing the facia/speedo unit itself, as the Haynes book of lies seems to be a bit scant on these details for Series 1 Xms.

Thanks in advance

Hi Robert

Yes done a couple before now...

Top half..

Clocks out obviously, and Glove box out too. The cable goes from the clocks across the dash above the heater and round to the bulkhead out between the heater ducting pipe work and the heater itself..
Therers a ball that sits in the bulk head to fill the hole in.. Its virtually impossible to get it back into place as the space between the heater and pipe duct is so narrow. and its a fiddle to remove the duct completely!!

Engine bay is rather simple really - remove the rubber pin pull out the drive from the gearbox. Accessable from below when on ramps or above after air intake pipes removed.

Weres your speed sensor wireing connected to? They can be connected directly on the gearbox, or theres an inline sensor were the two halfs join..

Do you need to know how to remove your clocks? Or do you know how to already?

Hope that helps


Hi Citroenxm

I have the glove box out already, a good opportunity to replace the gas strut and the glove box opening mechanism.

I have a vague idea of how to take the clocks out, never done it on the Xm before, but the Xantia was easy as the Haynes Manual for the Xantia is rather good.

If I am correct there are 2 screws that hold the instrument panel surround in place, once it is removed, it should expose the screws that are needed to remove the instrument panel from the dash.

The engine bay side looks easier. There is no sensor where the two cables join, so it must be on the gearbox itself then.

All good fun and games.


Hi Robert,

How did you get on with this? The speedo in my S1 stopped working last night while my wife was driving me home. It was flickering at low speeds so I'm assuming that the cable has died.

Any tips greatly appreciated.

I got the cable changed without much difficulty. The most frustrating thing for me was getting the plastic cap affair that covers the top of the clocks off. This was very tight in my car, and required quite a bit of work to get it off.

After that the clocks come out really easily, 4 screws.

I cut the end off the cable, nearest the speedometer, because I couldn't be bothered cutting off the metal clips that hold the rubber ball at the bulkhead end in place. It is a good idea to remove the rubber ball from the new cable so you can feed it through from the inside of the car.

I then tied and stuck some string to what was left of the old cable, and pulled the cable through (after i disconnected it from the lower half) the bulkhead. Make sure you have a good long length of string, much longer than the cable. I tied and stuck the new cable to the string and fed it through the hole where it comes through to join on to the clock.

The next tricky bit is getting the end of the cable through the bulkhead, this is where it is handy to have the glovebox out, you can see where the cable must go through. Make sure that the end of the cable is stuck to the string, as you can pull the string from the engine bay, and it will flex the cable enough to pull through easily. Although don't pull too hard, you don't want the cable coming through the dash at the speedo end. Once that is complete, I cut a slit down the length of the rubber ball from my old speedo cable , so that I could easily clip it over the new cable, rather than try to force it onto the cable, you can push the ball affair into the hole in the bulkhead, and use a cable tie to stop the ball from slipping down the cable, and coming out of its hole.

The lower half is much easier. Cut the cable ties that hold the wire (coming from the speed unit on the gearbox) to the cable, then you'll see a long rubber cylinder that acts as a locking agent, to hold the cable in place. Pull this out, and the cable will just pop out. Refitting is the reverse of removal!

My speedo will still flicker, but not as badly as it did previously, also there is a bit of a grumbling noice from behind the speedo unit, so there may be a problem with my actual speedo clock. I'll not worry about it until it stops working.

Good luck!
Cheers - thanks for the detailed advice. When you refer to the plastic cap do you mean the dash shroud thing over the speedo / tacho etc?

Out of interest, how much did your new cable cost?

Yes, I refer to the dash shroud thing over the top of the speedo unit, there are two screws if memory serves me right one on each side which hold this in place.

My cable was in the region of £25, not too bad a price.

This speedo replacement job was a good chance for me to replace the gas strut that lifts the glovebox lid, and replace the actual glovebox catch.
Great. I'm going to swap speedos while I've got it apart - the speedo in the S1 is in MPH and the S1 V6 donor car has a KPH one (we have KPH here). I'm hoping that the speedos are the same and that only the gearbox drive differs. This is one of those jobs I've been putting off and need to do - I've already paid for forgetting the speedo was reading MPH!

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