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Can't find the answer by searching the forum so.......

Will the seats from my 1996 2.0 16v saloon fit into my 1999 2.0 T estate?

The estate interior is tatty so needs replacing. If it is do-able it's a pity I'll lose the side airbags on the newer car but there you go. smile.gif

I can't answer this as such but I've seen postings before where owners want to put leather hatch interiors in estates but they aren't as wide or something. So I guess that could mean it'll be a bit of a job. What would getting the interior retrimmed cost?

Interesting project though. I'd like to see the results if you do manage it.

QUOTE (steelcityuk @ Feb 21 2008, 01:01 AM)
What would getting the interior retrimmed cost?

...more than the car is worth to me!

With it's ever-growing list of 'issues' it's already a car that I believe would have been broken for spares or scrapped by anyone else; I'm just a glutton for punishment smile.gif

It will be a good car by the time I've transplanted all the bad bits for good bits, but like all of us, spare time is the limiting factor. Roll-on lighter evenings!

with many XM's off to the great maker in the sky, why not look for a relevant set from a similar Estate?
With scrap cars for tuppence ha'penny, an interior shouldn't be too expensive?

When my old XM Esatate finally went off to the grim reaper it was absolutely mint throughout. If I had the space I would have stripped off all the useful bits - as it was, only the TSW wheels were saved - now on their THIRD XM !
Hi Wirdy

Mk2 front seats are electrically and mechanically identical except for the addition of side airbags in the later cars so swapping is easy. Mk1 front seats are mechanically the same but have a different electrical connector for the seat controls. Back seat bases are interchangable between all XM's but are available in split and single piece types. It is only the rear seat back and side cushions that are different between a car and an estate. The Estate has a wider seat back and norrower side cushions. The 3 fixing points for the bottom hinges of the seat back are the same and present in all XM's even where a single piece seat back is fitted. Only the two top locking bolts are further apart on an estate chassis. You could weld a widening plate each side to move the locking bolts over to suit a car seat back if you cannot find a matching estate seat back.

Just out of interest there is Mk1 V6 estate with leather interior on ebay for the second time at the moment. £100 this time but it did not sell last time because it was located up in the highlands on Skye.


There's leather and leather !!!!!!
remember when the XM changed from "real" leather, to the stuff that looked like vinyl? Even the "Black" leather looked like a dirty Grey. I didn't like that one bit.

re: V6 Estate - I think I mentioned I went after [ but missed ] California Garage's ex demo, which was that georgeous dark metallic green with leather interior and all the bells and whistles. sighhhhhhh

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