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Hi need help with my brothers 97 2.1 exclusive ,the AA man says its taking 500amps to crank the engine which won't start ,seems the torque converter/gearbox is locked up.Is this terminal or repairable or even possible???

any help much appreciated
Don't know for sure but try this to confirm box is locked up -

Put gearbox lever to neutral (N), jack up one front wheel into the air and try starting it with a good battery or jump start.

If the auto box is locked up then engine will start easily and the lifted wheel will begin spinning. If it's just the same as when the car is grounded then you have an engine or starter motor problem.

P.s - would recommend firmly chocking both rear wheels just in case.
Thanks for the help wirdy, turns out its not g/box locked up,instead its the fan belt jockey wheel seized up which partially shredded the belt causing the cambelt to jump a couple of teeth when the shredded bits built up on the crankshaft pulley. All the more painful since he replaced the cambelt recently after a major belt failure.C'est la vie!
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