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Full Version What Is The Bloody Point Of Halfords?

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I popped in today, not because it's ever been any use, but because it was convenient, and I had little time. I wanted a waste oil catcher - one of those with a largish port to catch the oil as it drains, but which can be sealed for getting it to the recycling centre, and a couple of small jubilee clips, for hopefully fixing this fuel hose. Indeed, I wanted a range of 'em, cos I just don't have any at present. They don't sell either!! How can they not even sell hose clips?
Support your local small motor factors, mine have been brilliant at getting obscure bits AND they are car enthusiasts, always have a sympathetic ear, are interested in your weird citroen and even offer advice for free. Try getting that from Halfords.

I normally would - this was supposed to be a marriage of convenience. Not very bloody convenient though!
Great for bicycles and speakers tho.....

I know what you mean Sam, pointless aren't they.

They're also appalling for bicycles actually, and I say this as an avid cyclist, and owner of (at the last count) 26 bikes. I wouldn't touch 'em for that, unless I had a flat tyre, and was outside.
I would define Halfrauds as:

1) Somewhere to rip off chavs when they want a new speaker or air freshener.

2) Somewhere to charge little old ladies a fortune to fit a new windscreen wiper.

3) Something to keep the suicide rate up by giving you hope that you may be able to get something to bodge it on a Sunday and then realising when you are there that you must be so stupid to have ever thought that that you don't deserve to live.

4) OK price for windscreen wash when it is on 3 for 2. What, you mean they sell other things as well?
In their defence, I have managed to buy a bumper size box of blade fuses from there on a Sunday morning. Can't knock 'em for that.
I was being how you say sarcastic.

XM v6 sadist
Hi Sam

26 bikes I'm impressed. I have 7 (4 road, 1 track, 3mtb). XMs and bikes - a great combo.

I agree with you about Halfords, cheap bikes, cheap service.


I have a track bike, 2 road bikes, a single speed road bike, a fixed gear road bike, a mountain bike, an insane chopper, a tourer, a 4 speed Raleigh upright, a 5 speed frankenbike for winter, a tandem, I HAD a Raleigh 20 I was hotrodding, but it was stolen and needs replacment, I have two 60's Moultons, an HR Bates BAR, which was the best racing bike of 1940, and all manner of other odd projects kicking around!
XM v6 sadist

Fantastic collection, very eclectic. I particularly like the Bates. Very nice.

My road bikes are a custom built 653 and a 853, a winter mudguards bike plus a 16lb Ridley carbon (this sort of stuff makes XMs look like a cheap hobby). A late 80's rigid Orange MTB, a single-speed MTB and a new Orange.

Every one essential - or so I tell the wife.

Oh plus here bike.


Mine were all very cheap! The most expensive was my EG Bates track bike (90's), which cost me around £210. My road bikes are 531, a Raleigh Gran Sport and a Gazelle from the early 80's. I love them for their oldness and uniqueness, rather than their absolute up to date fastness! The Gazelle cost me £20, and the Gran Sport is in profit, since I sold a few parts from it for more than I paid for it. I'm in profit overall on bikes, since the trading I've done has made me more profit than I've spent money! Here are 3 nice examples, my HR Bates (which is waiting for restoration), my Raleigh Gran Sport, after mods, and my EG Bates tracky.....

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Aha yes, 'frauds.

I find myself in there quite regularly on a Sunday unfortunately. I very seldom have any free time during the week, or on an early Saturday morning, so I become one of those victims of 'Oh shit, need XYZ part right now or the car is decomissioned, and nowhere is open!'. Then as Rowan says, you arrive at the dump and find yourself wondering how you could have been so stupid as to think they would have, or know, anything of use.

On the (rare) occasions when I do actually talk to one of their staff for the most basic of parts, such as filters or bulbs, the usual 'X....M... wots one of 'em, then??... are you sure it's not a Zantia, it looks like a Zantia... do you want to buy some Fox alloys / Lexarse lights/ fake Turbo badges' - follows.

Lets not even get started on the prices... they're like the automotive equivilant of Maplins....

They do sell hose clips. In boxes for the smaller sizes.
They used to sell boxes of hoseclips in 10's, but now you only get 4 in varying sizes
on a hanging card so it's totally dumbed down and more £'s. They used to sell their
own branded coolant seak sealant but this got discontinued even though it was absolutely
fabulous stuff.

In fact in the last 10 years they've got significantly worse than the level of irritation
they WERE at.

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