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Hi all,

Some of you may remember that around this time last year I had to do the dreaded head gasket on my 2.1 td, only thing I didn't bother to replace at the time was the water pump. Guess what's leaking now from the shaft bearing and will have to be replaced !

There's another weekend ruined, not to mention the skinned knuckles and frayed nerves that I could have saved myself ho hum...

Colin.P sad.gif
Hi Colin

Well at least you can pacify yourself that it will be a doddle after the head. Mine went the opposite way, 5k after a I bought the car the pump went and 5k later the head gasket. As it had a new cambelt when I bought it, that was three cambelts in 10k miles!

Mines done getting on for 60k now and I dont think I have topped the water up in over a year. I call that a result.

Peter,was there a particular reason why you used a new cambelt each time after only 5k? Not intended as a criticism just curious as I am sure I would have reused them, skinflint that I am!

Hi Robert

Only that I thought it would be the last time for 72k that I would have to change it and wanted to put the next change off for as long as possible. The belt is fairly cheap compared with the work involved.

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