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Sorry my query isn't more exotic, but I've gone and lost my Haynes manual which I know for a fact has this info in:

How do I remove the cover off the headlamp washer? I know there's a circlip but not sure how it works. Not helped by the fact that whenever I raise the unit off the bumper the water leaks out of the nozzles. Any tips for re-attaching it, also?

Oh and while I'm at it, for bonus points - what's the most likely cause of mystery battery drain (it's the car not the battery) ?

Thanks in advance -- I get so much more help from you guys than my limited knowledge is able to give back.
Hi regdorpten

Lever the washer jet head up, get wet, pull the circlip forward with a pair of fine nosed pliars, the washer cover will now pull off upwards. Push the washer body back down and the water will stop flowing. The washer jets still work with the cover removed.


If they are that difficult to get off, how is it that so many are missing, gone with the wind as it were??

Easiest way would probably be to pull fuses and either look for a spark or check for current flow with a multimeter, engine off, doors closed, etc. If pulling fuses make sure you have the radio and immobiliser codes, still if the battery's going flat already... Relays do seem to give a fair amount of trouble.

A slight possibility for the battery drain is a faulty switch somewhere that's powering up the hydractive circuit. Normally it powers down after 30 seconds of stopping the engine and closing a door or about 5 minutes or so if left with the door open but the engine off. But a faulty back door switch has been know to keep triggering the hydractive valves.

QUOTE (robertxmb @ Feb 8 2008, 20:21 PM)
If they are that difficult to get off, how is it that so many are missing, gone with the wind as it were??

Because there are so many idiots in car parks etc that don't know where another car is till they feel it bump... mad.gif

In my case it was the recycling lorry turning outside my own house!

As the cover sticks up slightly above the bumper on a very low front, this is often the bit that goes bump first. In my case it, or rather half of it, was still attached, but cracked in such a way that it was very loose.
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