Hi All

I just bought a 2.1 SX, intending to use it for spares but its such a nice car that I am sorely tempted to put a clutch in and keep it. However that isn't the point of my mail.

It has a dual zone heater, which I think is a great step up from the usual VSX type, because, amongst other things it means you can have warm feet and cool air round your face, and continiously variable temperature.

Has anyone any idea of how much I would have to change to swap. The SX type is all mechanically controlled so no electronics involved, it would seem a question of changing over the air regulation system. Do I have to change the whole heater unit or can I just change the control system

I know that the best thing would be to take the dash out and have a look, but I am hoping someone who has already done this can save me the trouble.