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I changed the clutch on my CX td at about 220k because I had the engine out. The linings were fine but the fingers were almost worn through!

QUOTE (aengus-xmv6 @ Feb 1 2008, 23:49 PM)
ouch, engine out to do the belts! - but guess they're awkward on the 2.5 as is the clutch. 

Hi Dave.

I'm aware the belts aren't an engine out job and normally I wouldn't consider removal; it's just that as this may turn out to be a motor I have for a while, I don't want to have the fiddle of doing the belts in situ, only to wind up having to take it out relatively few miles down the line to do the clutch.

You will find quite a bit about my 2.5 clutch change in the files. The new clutch is prohibitably expensive (about £450) but with a bit of searching you will find some available at about half the price. I suggest these are either surplus stock clutches (new old-stock). I can't imagine any other manufacturer would produce these for such a small demand. Valeo was the original manufacturer.
I reckon your estimate of clutch life is about right for this model.
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