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Dear Guys,

I have a problem with leaking roof, sunroof, windscreen... or I don't know what.
Well, I've pushed a wrong button ohmy.gif .

Well my problem is, that in the right upper corner of the windscreen I've noticed water leakage. I am not sure whether the water coming from the sunroof, the border of the windscreen or....? sad.gif

Anybody has any experience inconnection with similar proble? Do you have any ideas how I can figure out the origin of the leakage?

Please help.

THNX rolleyes.gif :

you may be lucky and find that it's one of the drain hoses from the corner of the sunroof cassette. You'll need to take the roof lining down, at least in that corner, to soo if it's become disconnected or perished. May just be the drains clogged with leaf debris etc, and overflowing past the lip of the cassette, but I'd expect you'd notice that as it'd leak everywhere.

Leaks from the aerial would come through the roof console, so less likely to be that.

Possible that the seal has gone on the windscreen, could check by using a hose on the screen without wetting the sunroof. If so, then I guess it won't be a simple fix, you could try silicone mastic, but better to get a professional to rebond it properly.

good luck
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