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Just wondering what changed in 1991 with the pads? as I need a set of front pads for my TCT, but can only find pads for upto '91 cars, is it just the leccy sensor went or somthing more fundamental?

Yep. there is a significant difference in the whole caliper. The later cars have slightly
bigger radius discs and pads with a wider thickness so the whole casting/carrier is

IIRC the original is 278mm diameter or somesuch, and the later ones are 285mm.
You need to look for the bigger one'sw for a post '91 car.

Hi Stewart

There are visible differences in the Parking brake actuator lever and the metal backing of the pads. The early pads have a couple of 90 degree projections to either side of the centre tab. This can be seen one of the current ebay ads. The later pads do not have these projections. The early caliper has a cast actuator lever with a cruiciform cross-section. The later caliper has an actuator lever made from a forged round bar. The photo in Haynes (4.3 on page 10.4) shows the later actuator. The photo in my copy of RTA shows the early type actuator.


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